Flight Review

Review: Singapore Airlines A380 Suites Class, Tokyo-Singapore

Pro: Impeccable service, superb product.
Con: The flight schedule might not be the best.

Singapore Airlines A380 Suites Class, double bed

Singapore Airlines A380 Introduction

Having flown first class on several airlines in the past including Emirates, Thai, Asiana, Lufthansa, Japan Airlines and most recently on Etihad’s First Apartment, I thought it was about time for me to try Singapore Airlines Suites Class which the airlines calls “A Class Above First”. The Suites Class is only available on their Airbus A380 while on their Boeing 777, they still call it First Class. Singapore Airlines was the first operator of the Airbus 380 and I really have to give credit to them for being the “original innovator”. They may not have the shower suites and onboard lounge found on the newer superjumbos of Emirates and Etihad but there is no doubt that Singapore Airlines Suites Class is something you have to experience.


My previous flight from Fukuoka arrived on time in Tokyo Narita Airport and after taking the complimentary shuttle bus from Terminal 3 to Terminal 1, I had about five hours before my Singapore Airlines flight to Singapore. I went to section H which was the check-in zone for Singapore Airlines passengers and asked one of the agents near the Suites check-in counters if I could already check in for my flight. She asked for my passport and commented that I was a bit early for my flight. I told her that I had just arrived from Fukuoka and she seemed to understand it.  

The check-in process went smoothly and after getting my boarding passes all the way to Manila, I headed to the Gold Track, Star Alliance’s version of the fast track which is available for Star Alliance Gold status holders regardless of the class they are flying in, as well first and business class passengers. 

ANA Suites Lounge

Since I had more than enough time, I thought I would pay a visit to the other ANA Suites Lounge in Satellite 5 which I have not yet visited. In the past, I have visited both the ANA Suites Lounge in Satellite 4 and the United Global First Lounge in Satellite 3. 


I wanted to make sure that I had enough time to take pictures of the aircraft so I left the lounge a bit early and headed to the departure gate which was Gate 46. 

Aircraft, Airbus A380-800

Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 bound for Singapore!

Singapore Airlines installed their Suites Class on the main deck (which is much roomier) unlike for example Emirates which have theirs on the upper deck. With two separate jet bridges for Suites and economy passengers, it meant easy access and privacy for boarding Suites passengers. 

Singapore Airlines A380 Suites Class Cabin (Main Deck) 

Singapore Airlines A380 Suites Class Cabin (Main Deck)

Singapore Airlines Suites cabin has a 1-2-1 configuration with a total of 12 suites, a third of which was occupied that night.

As I boarded, I was welcomed by the purser and another young gentleman named Victor and was then assisted by Brenda, who escorted me to my suite, 3C. Fortunately, the only couple on the flight has chosen to seat by the windows. I then confined to her that I chose 3C because I would love to see their double bed which as far as I know, is the only real double bed in the sky. It was obvious to her that I was really excited about it and told me that they would prepare the double bed for me whenever I want it. Yipee 👍

View of 2A and 3A suites from my seat
Welcome to my suite, 3C!

This Airbus A380 has been retrofitted with the latest first class seat which has a darker color and which I actually prefer more. 

Singapore Airlines A380 Suites Class Cabin

Already waiting on the ottoman was a Givenchy pillow and blanket. There is also a seatbelt in case another passenger wants to join you in your suite. 

Service on Singapore Airlines A380 Suites Class Cabin

A few moments after settling in, Brenda came to my seat and took my pre-departure beverage order, I ordered a glass of apple juice. She also asked if I wanted to drink some wine and I told her that I don’t normally drink although I would appreciate it if she could present me the bottles of Krug and Dom later for my picture taking. I was also offered the male version of the amenity kit although I decided to ask for the female version instead. 

Pajamas on Singapore Airlines A380 Suites Class Cabin

Singapore Airlines Suites Class offers Givenchy pillow and blanket which is probably the best an airline offers when it comes to flying in first class. 

Singapore Airlines A380 Suites Class Cabin
Singapore Airlines A380 Suites Class Cabin

As you can see, the suite is one of the most spacious there is. And of course, the sliding doors give you the privacy much needed, especially during night flights. I believe that the privacy doors are much higher than those found on Emirates or Asiana so if having privacy is essential to you, flying on Singapore Airlines Suites is the best choice.
View of 3C and 3D. Written on the card placed beside the glass of water was the name of the person who cleaned and dressed my suite who was T. Nakaya. Arigato, T. Nakaya for making my suite clean and spotless!

Singapore Airlines A380 Suites Class Cabin

Then it was time to inspect my suite, starting with the small trash bin, light controls and entertainment controls located on the left side of my seat. 

Singapore Airlines A380 Suites Class Cabin

The seat adjustment controls as shown in the picture would allow you to make some recline but would not let you convert it into a fully flat bed with just one touch. To be able to enjoy the standalone bed, you would need the help of a flight attendant.

In-seat AC power port, 2 USB ports, headphone jack
Singapore Airlines Suites Class mattress (on the suite wall behind the seat)
Take note of the sign “Max 2 Passengers in Compartment”
Overhead light and coat hook.
Singapore Airlines Suites Class table

Singapore Airlines A380 Suites Class Entertainment

The 23 inch flat screens of seats 3C and 3D.

Singapore Airlines Suites Class personal screen where the movie selection was more than extensive and from where I enjoyed watching the films “Avengers” and “American Sniper”. 

Singapore Airlines Suites Class entertainment controls and no less than BOSE headphones
Singapore Airlines Suites Class KrisWorld, Safety Instructions card, KrisShop

Singapore Airlines A380 Suites Class Amenity Kit

Singapore Airlines A380 Suites Class Amenity

The first class amenity kit for women consisted of a Salvatorre Ferragamo black bag, a 30ml Signorina perfume, a lip balm, hand cream and cleansing towel. As far as I know, Singapore Airlines and Qatar Airways are the only airlines giving full sized bottles of perfume to their first class passengers so kudos to them! And of course, this same kit has won the “Best Female Amenity Kit in First Class”. The next time I fly on Singapore Air though, I would ask for the male version for my collection. Overall, the contents were surely one of the best out there although my personal favorite is still Emirates as they have the most complete and nicest I have ever received.

The Singapore Airlines Suites Class slippers were probably the most comfortable slippers I have received in first-class although I still give Asiana Airlines the credit for having the nicest looking pair.

Singapore Airlines Suites Class socks and eyeshades

I was offered a set of large pajamas after my very satisfying dinner but since it was too large for me, I asked if they had medium one. Unfortunately, they didn’t have them on the flight and Brenda was very apologetic about it. She told me that they could send the sleepwear to my address in Stockholm. Not wanting to bother them too much, I told her that I could actually pick it up at their office in Singapore Changi Airport before my flight to Manila later that day. Apparently, it doesn’t work that way as they have a special procedure for that. A few weeks later, I received my medium pajamas together with a pair of eyeshades. I was really impressed as to how they handled the situation since other airlines who did not have my size on the times I flew with them either just apologized but nothing more or they just simply didn’t bother that I got a large size.

Singapore Airlines A380 Suites Class Dining

Canape Singapore Chicken and Beef Satay with onion, cucumber and spicy peanut sauce
Singapore Airlines Suites Class dinner set up using the Givenchy branded plates
Appetizer Chilled Malossol Caviar with Melba toast and condiments

Singapore Airlines is the only airline (as far as I know) serving both the Krug and Dom Perignon to their first class passengers so kudos to you guys! 

Soup Cream of Green Pea with creme fraiche and brown butter sage crouton
Salad Fruit Tomato Salad and Mesclun with choice of Sesame and Soya Dressing or Orange Yoghurt Dressing

As for my main course, I ordered the “Lobster Thermidor” from their “Book the Cook” option which according to Brenda was the most popular item. This service is free for those flying in business class and first class. The choices from the menu were as follows:

Grilled Fillet of Wagyu Beef in Black Peppercorn Sauce with Buttered Vegetable and gratinated Potato

Singapore Bak Kut Teh: Hokkien Spiced Pork spareribs broth served with Steamed Rice & Chinese Crueller

Gindara Saikyo Yaki: Grilled Gindara Fillet in Saikyo Miso Sauce served with Japanese Vegetables and Seasonal Rice

Dessert Combination of Mango Ice Cream and Crepes with Raspberry Coulis
Cheese Brie, Pepper Jack, Bleu de Neiges and Mimolette Cheese served with grapes, crackers, and nuts
Singapore Airlines Suites Class green tea
Singapore Airlines Suites Class pralines

Singapore Airlines A380 Suites Class Bed Time

Need I say that this was actually the most awaited part of the flight? I have seen a lot of pictures of this on the internet but to see it for real (and later enjoy it) was so cool! I know it is not an easy task preparing the double bed and I really have to thank Brenda and the other flight attendant who helped her for granting my request. It was also a very nice gesture that I was given both the male and female bears. Thank you, guys! 

To complete the turndown service, I was given a bottle of Evian water. And for some souvenirs, I got two playing cards and some postcards. 

There they are, my two lovely bears from Singapore Airlines 😍


Singapore Airlines Suites Class restroom with Hollywood style mirrors. Isn’t it gorgeous?
Singapore Airlines Suites Class lavatory amenity including dental kits, comb, razor and shaving cream
Singapore Airlines Suites Class toilet
Singapore Airlines Suites Class lavatory seat bench

About 2:10 am, the captain came into the PA and informed us that we would be landing soon and our arrival time at Changi Airport would be at 2:35 am which was 25 minutes ahead of schedule. Shortly after, we were handed the Arrival forms and offered some Fox candies. Landing went smoothly and as expected, we were at Changi Airport about 30 minutes ahead of schedule.

Bottom Line

First, I think Singapore Airlines have all the right in the world to call this Suites Class and not First Class because the product you get is not just any ordinary first class seat. The modern design, the comfortable leather seat, the sliding doors for your privacy and other amenities all make this suite one of the best in the world. The fact that Singapore Airlines is the only airline serving both Dom and Krug to their first class passengers is really impressive. The Givenchy branded plates, pajamas, pillow and blankets are something you can experience only on Singapore Airlines. The food served on this flight was simply phenomenal and the “Book the Cook” option definitely gives premium passengers an extensive choice.

And of course, the impeccable service that the Singapore Airlines crew is known for was there from the moment I boarded the aircraft, and I appreciate it very much. Even though many airlines have recently come up with new products by exploring all the possibilities when it comes to giving the best comfort to their first class passengers, I truly believe that Singapore Airlines Suites Class, old as it may seem, is still one of the best first class there is.  

AwardTravel Protip 1
Can you take the pajamas provided in the First Class off the plane with you?

Of course, just like all the amenities, you can take your pajamas with you.

AwardTravel Protip 2

The configuration of First Class Cabin is 1-2-1 for most of the cases, and windows are popular and will be taken in no time. However, many people are not aware that the middle seat can turn into a double bed. So if you are traveling with your significant other, taking the middle seat is an option for sure.

AwardTravel Protip 3
Why is ANA Suites Lounge access available to Singapore Airlines First Class passengers?

Singapore Airlines belongs to Star Alliance, and all Star Alliance First Class passengers can access to all the Lounges of Star Alliance. They are not limiting the access to lounges based on the carrier.

AwardTravel Protip 4

The requirement of each airline in the Star Alliance to accumulate gold membership varies. For example, United Airlines requires 50k miles or 60 flights (as well as consumption of $6,000 US dollar) to obtain a Star Alliance Gold membership. However, Turkish Airlines only requires 40k miles to receive the membership, and 25k miles a year to maintain (as long as you are not a Turkish resident).

AwardTravel Protip 5

Etihad’s Apartments, Emirates’s First Class and Singapore’s New Suite Class are considered three of the world’s top First-Class products. Both Emirates and Etihad provide dine on demand on their First Class Cabin. Emirates is famous because it is the only airline offering onboard shower suite and onboard bar at the back of the business class. Its new 777 first class suites have floor-to-ceiling sliding doors with design features that are inspired by Mercedes Benz S-Class; Singapore Airlines recently announced “New Suite” offers double sized bed and separate, built-in chair.