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Review: Thai Airways First Class 747 Seoul to Bangkok

Thai Airways has been an underdog of Star Alliance for quite some time. Despite providing quite a good service and delivering food and drinks during flights, Thai Airways still has issues of being quite unreliable, which affects the reputation of the company.

Thai First Class flight from Seoul Incheon Airport (ICN) to Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) was a nice and pleasant surprise.

While flying first class with any airline from Star Alliance via Seoul ICN airport, you will have access to Asiana first class lounge, which is ok, but definitely not the best lounge out there. 

Thai Airways First Class Cabin 

First class looking towards the business cabin.

Thai flight to BKK was boarding on time and had no delay, it was operated by Airbus 747 with the updated cabin, which is a drastic improvement to old 747 cabins, but yet nothing compared to Lufthansa first class cabin. The most interesting part is definitely a middle seat, which is quite a unique seating combination, compared to other airlines. It is an interesting concept to keep one more row as just one seat, but also looks weird. 

Your personal cube gives you full cover and space – Thai Airways First Class 747
Even this duckie needs an air away from this isolated room – Thai Airways First Class 747
All settled to enjoy a booze in the first class cube – Thai Airways First Class 747

Depending if you like those personal “cubicles” or not, you will love or hate Thai new cabin. For me, I like more open spaced cabins and those cubicles looked wrong. Especially, if you are flying with 2 friends and want to talk to them, rather than being isolated. By no means, it provides any sort of additional privacy in comparison to popular private suites. Yet, the seat is nice, it transforms into the full flatbed, allows to have a dining table enough for 2 persons (to dine with a friend), has all the extra space needed to store your belongings.

Bed Time on Thai Airways Royal First 747

Can you feel the love tonight? – Thai Airways First Class 747

Thai Airways Amenity Kit

Thai Airways’ Pink Rimowa Amenity Kit – Thai Airways Amenity
What’s inside the eye-catching amenity kit are some of the most ordinary selection of products, says Meanie.Me. – Thai Airways Amenity

On the bright side, I managed to get PINK Rimowa amenity kit. It is the cutest looking amenity kit out there made by Rimowa and Lufthansa does not carry that color. On the other hand, Thai Royal First does not provide any decent products in those kits. It is really the cheapest possible products, nothing compared to Lufthansa La Prairie skin care.

Best Drink on Thai Airways First Class Goes to Champagne

Meanie.Me’s choice: Champagne Dom Pérignon (Vintage 2006). – Thai Airways Review

AwardTravel ProTip:

Thai Airways offers Dom Perignon Champagne, one of the most exclusive Champagne you taste in the air, and other fancy liquor like Johnnie Walker Blue. Few other airlines serving Dom Perignon in the First Class cabin are Singapore Airlines and Emirates.

Thai Airways First Class Menu: Introduction of Thai’s wine selection of beverages on board
Thai Airways Wine Introduction: Dom Pérignon Vintage 2006.
Thai Airways First Class Menu: white wine (Gewürztraminer Grand Cru Kirchberg de Barr 2012, Chablis Grand Cru Valmur 2008)
Thai Airways First Class Menu: red wine (Chateau Lynch Moussas 2007, Beaune Bastion Premier Cru 2011)

Thai Airways does not have much of variety in first class service when it comes to champagne. It is Dom Perignon Vintage 2006, but it is a very good choice! Definitely, no complaints on the bubbly choice. Wines are less interesting and presented by some generic Australian, New Zealand and European varieties.

As for food, this particular flight it was bad… It was just really bad. When flying to BKK you cannot “order a Chef” service, so you are limited to the menu options. Beef with rice was just disgusting, it looked like baby vomit and the taste was corresponding, One messy place of some overcooked beef mixed with some over boiled rice, nothing to complement there.

Petit slices of different kins of vegetables and fruit. – Thai Airways review
Beef rice that scores…uh…almost nothing, according to our Author Meanie.Me. – Thai Airways Review

And here is vegetarian option offered in Thai Royal First cabin. 

Vegetarian set: simple but tastier. – Thai Airways Menu
Vegetarian set: dish salad.- Thai Airways Menu
Vegetarian set: soup. – Thai Airways Menu
Vegetarian set. The tofu is especially impressive. – Thai Airways Menu

It was definitely tasting much better than meat. Some tofu with curry, good tomato soup, and different veggies.

A Thai kind of trip starts right here. – Thai Airways Review

Thai Airways First Class Lavatory

Sleek sink in the lavatory. – Thai Airways First Class 747
White toilet gives you a fresh and pure feeling after clearing your body off…yeah you know what I mean. –  Thai Airways First Class 747
Bathroom supplies with orchid decorations on the side. –  Thai Airways First Class 747

Thai Airways Cabin Service Goes an Extra Mile

Thai Airways’ service aims to make your flight a most relaxing one. –  Thai Airways First Class 747

Definitely, a strong side of most Asian airlines and especially Thai Airways is exceptional service onboard. Flight attendants in Thai Royal First class are putting extra effort into making it a very pleasant and relaxing experience. They are always there for you and trying to go an extra mile no matter what request you have.

Bottom Line

Thai Royal First Class is a good alternative within South Asia. It is the only direct flight with first class from Seoul (ICN) to Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) available with Star Alliance. The cabin is nice, service is good and champagne selection is delicious. Food-wise, it’s a complete gamble. You can get something delicious, or gross as I did.

In Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) if you transfer to a domestic flight, do not rush to domestic lounge. It does not have a single drop of alcohol and no smoking area. Try staying in the International part of the airport, otherwise, you might need to pay 25 Euros for a bottle of Prosecco and drink it on the rocks!

AwardTravel Protip 1

Thai Airways offers Dom Perignon Champagne, one of the most exclusive Champagne you taste in the air, and other fancy liquor like Johnnie Walker Blue. Few other airlines serving Dom Perignon in the First Class cabin are Singapore Airlines and Emirates.

AwardTravel Protip 2
How do I get access to a Star Alliance Lounge?

As an International First Class passenger, you have access to International First Class and/or any Star Alliance member carrier’s lounges. As a Star Alliance Gold customer traveling in any class on Star Alliance Flights, you have access to any member airline lounge that displays the Star Alliance Gold logo at the entrance.

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