Lost In Love: 2 Days in Venice

48 Hours in Venice
In General, Getting Lost With Your Significant Other is Not an Ideal Romantic Activity. One Place Where This Is An Exception However, is Venice.

There truly is nowhere in the world quite like Venice. The city has such a sense of mystery and intrigue that makes it a perfect destination for couples travel. Venice is certainly brimming with romance, however during the high season, Venice can also be swarming with travelers. If you have 48 hours in Venice, we've listed some of the top things to do in Venice! Come explore. 

++ Yes, Venice Is Touristy, And At Times May Seem Cliché, But The Real Beauty Of Venice, Is That Just When You Think You Have Seen It All, You Find Yourself Lost, Yet At The Same Time, Found.

The real key to a romantic trip to Venice is to not over plan. Don’t set expectations, or even timelines. Just explore, and whether by canal or by foot, let the city guide you (literally).

Two nights is plenty of time to see the main sights in Venice, here is the itinerary we’d follow (loosely), remember let Venice be your guide, and be open to plans changing.

Beautiful Venice - 48 Hours in Venice

Day 1

Get Lost and Mask Shopping

12PM: Spend the afternoon acquainting yourself with Venice, getting lost, and just wandering the streets. Enjoy a late-afternoon lunch beside the canal, then stroll through some of the area’s famous mask shops.

Our favorite mask shop is Ca’ Macana. One of oldest mask making shops in Venice, Ca’ Macana is known for crafting authentic, handmade masks in the traditional ways that Venetian artists did 800+ years ago. We picked out a gold and silver “happy and sad” mask – we love it and it always reminds us of our trip to Venice!

Cicchetti Crawl

6PM: Start your evening with a traditional Venetian Cicchetti Crawl (kind of like a Venetian bar crawl). It can be difficult to find food in Venice that is authentic, delicious and doesn’t blow the budget – the answer to this is, cicchetti, pronounced “chee-KET-teeh.”

Similar to Spanish Tapas, this is a pre-dinner drink and small bite that typically costs just a few euros. Skip dinner, and instead hit a few cicchetti bars for a glass of wine and access to a buffet of fresh, fish, meats, cheeses, vegetables, etc.

Keep In Mind That Cicchetti Bars Or Bàcari Close By 8 P.m. Or 9 P.m. – We Made The Mistake Of Heading Out Too Late And Most Bars Were Shutting Down For The Evening.

You can find cicchetti bars all over Venice, we loved Cantina Do Mori. Rather than mapping your crawl out out stop-by-stop, we’d recommend picking an area and seeing what you can find – so fun! Check out Reid’s Italyfor a great breakdown of cicchetti bars.

Beautiful Venice - 48 Hours in Venice

Gondola Ride

8PM: Yes gondolas are expensive (about 80 euro) and maybe a little cheesy, but there’s no denying that taking a gondola ride is an unforgettable experience. An evening gondola ride is on the bucket list of most couples, and in our opinion, worth the cost. Pick up a bottle of wine and bring it along for the ride.

As the daytrippers leave and Venice finally quiets, enjoy the evening and explore at your leisure. The most romantic part of being in Venice is simply exploring and getting lost with your S.O.

If you want a little more “go” in your itinerary, try visiting the Accademia Gallery, the Peggy Guggenheim Museum, or take a Grand Canal Cruise via vaporetto – a Venice waterbus.

Gondola Ride in Beautiful Venice - 48 Hours in Venice
Delicious Italian Food in Venice - 48 Hours in Venice

Day 2

Rialto Market

8AM: If you can swing it, and didn’t drink too much wine on your Cicchetti crawl, start your morning early and head to Rialto Market as it opens. Rialto Market is Venice’s food, fish, and souvenir hub. Local chefs will venture out to these markets and buy the seafood that will be served later that evening.

Get there early before the crowds arrive and spend an hour or so exploring. Note, Rialto Market’s hours before you visit.

  • Souvenir Stands – 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., open daily
  • Produce Section – 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., closes Sunday
  • Fish Market – 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., closes Sunday and Monday

Piazza San Marcos

9AM: After exploring the Rialto Market, make your way to Piazza San Marcos, play with the Venetian pigeons, and take the opportunity to do some people watching. Start with an elevator ride to the top of Campanile di San Marcos, and take in the jaw dropping views of Venice. Then, walk just a few steps to St. Mark’s Basilica to see the colorful sparkling mosaics.

Lots of Gondolas! - 48 Hours in Venice

Doge’s Palace And Secrets Itineraries Tour

11AM: Arrive at the Doge’s Palace a few minutes before your pre-booked Secret Itineraries Tour. We aren’t big tour people, but this one is short, and totally worth it – definitely recommend booking in advance to ensure it is not sold out. The Secrets tour gives you a look at the courtrooms, prison cells, and hidden offices from where Venice was once ruled. You even get to see Casanova’s prison cell, and hear a few fun  stories about his time in the prison. After the tour, explore the rest of the palace, which is included in the Secrets pass.

Doge's Palace - 48 Hours in Venice

Explore At Your Leisure

12PM: The day is yours! Check out some of the museums you didn’t see yesterday, take a boat ride over to the neighboring islands of Murano and Burano to see traditional Venetian glass blowing. Sit down and sip on a bellini at the world famous Harry’s Bar, then wander around and let Venice show itself off.

Authentic Seafood Dinner    

7:30 PM: After a busy day, reward yourself with a seafood-centric dinner! Pick a restaurant that does not have pictures on the menu.

++ As a matter of fact, eat at a restaurant with handwritten menu specials.

Given its location on the water, it comes to surprise that seafood is king in Venice. Try the catch of the day, Cuddlefish, Rock Fish, or pasta with black squid ink!

Elusive – yet familiar. Fading – while also timeless; Venice strikes a chord in all who visit. Countless tourists roam the winding cobblestone streets every year. While some are taken back by the crowds, others dig deeper and uncover a city of rich history, charm, and romance.

Any tips for a romantic Venetian getaway? We want to know!

-Tanner + Haley

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