Nuremberg in 48 Hours : Best Things to Do in Nuremberg, Germany

Nuremberg is a city located in northern Bavaria, Germany. It is considered to be the second largest Bavaria city after Munich. The historical city centre is recognized by its medieval architecture, stone towers and city walls. The beautiful city carry more then just the history, what I'm going to introduce are the best things to do in Nuremberg. The city is popular all year around, but especially Christmas markets are a must see in there. 

Best Things to Do in Nuremberg

What to Do in Nuremberg in 48 Hours:


1. InterCity | 10 a.m. 

Arriving to Nuremberg and checking into the hotel. Our hotel InterCity Nuremberg was located just next to the train station, so we have quickly checked in and dropped our stuff in there. We have head off straight to the city center. The first gate to the historical centre was just right opposite the train station. We walked in straight to one of the shopping streets.

2. Casa Pasa | 11 a.m. 

After early morning travel, we looked for a place to have our breakfast. We sat down in Casa Pase on Königstraße. The coffee shop/restaurant style place was stacked with fresh bakery and homemade pizzas.

3. St Lorenz church | 12:30 p.m.

After our brunch, we continue our journey by feet just strolling around the city center. St Lorenz church was right next to the restaurant, so it was our first stop. After church visit, we continued straight on Königstraße street where we crossed the Pegnitz river. While crossing to the other side, we had a view to Heilig-Geist-Spital on the right hand side. The medieval building that once served as a hospital facility for elderly and sick people.

4. Church of our lady | 1:30 p.m.

Continuing straight on the street, we arrived to Hauptmarkt square and Church of our lady. Here we have spend a bit of time going through the market and admiring the vibe around.

Continuing our path straight, now through Hauptmarkt street, we will pass the St.Sebaldus Church and many interesting buildings. So always keep an eye around you!

5. Nuremberg castle | 2 p.m.

Just few steps away from the St. Sebaldus church we will arrive to Nuremberg castle or so called Imperial castle. Here we can admire the view on the city from the top and explore the 11th century castle complex with a royal palace and gardens.

6. Tiergartnerplatz | 3 p.m.

After the visit to the castle, we continue our way towards Tiergartnerplatz, the beautiful small medieval square. On the way, we will pass Historischer Kunstbunker, which are tunnels bellow the castle to protect art from WWII. You may visit the bunker if you wish to.
Once arrived to the Tiergartnerplatz, notice the strange rabbit statue and the houses around. At the corner of the square, you will notice a beautiful medieval Albrecht-Durer house which belong to a German Renaissance artist. It is open to visit if you are interested.
I personally love this cute square and it is definitely great spot to chill and hang around. During nicer days, make sure to sit in Cafe Bar Wanderer.

7. Weißgerbergasse | 5 p.m.

Heading back, we will go through Albrecht-Dürer-Straße. where we pass many bars and restaurants. Now we will head to Weißgerbergasse, where the picturesque colourful street is located. It is a nice spot to take pictures and admire the medieval architecture, but very short street.

8. Dinner at Bratwursthausle bei St.Sebald | 6 p.m.

Dinner time. As we are in Nuremberg and Germany is well known for beer and sausages, we will have our dinner at the German restaurant - Bratwursthausle bei St.Sebald, just under St.Sebaldus church. If you are in Nuremberg, definitely try pork knuckle, Nuremberg sausages and dark beer!

9. Heading Back to Hotel | 7:30 p.m.

19:30 After our meal, we head back to our hotel where we just rested and slept the lost early morning hours.

Small Cottage - Best Things to Do in Nuremberg
Street Views - Best Things to Do in Nuremberg
Magnificent Catherdral - Best Things to Do in Nuremberg
Blue Sky and Traditional Buildings - Best Things to Do in Nuremberg


1. Handwerkerhof |10:30 

Starting the morning by grabbing pretzels from Brezen Kolb and walking to the city through Handwerkerhof. A medieval shopping area with small shops with traditional crafts (great place for gifts!) and rustic restaurants.

2. Germanisches Nationalmuseum | 11:15 

Going to Germanisches Nationalmuseum, a museum displaying culture and art from German speaking countries. This is a massive museum, with odd collections and rooms. So easy to get lost, so take a site map with you! In here you can see all sort of things related to Germany. From art, to musical instruments, sculptures, warrior items as well as the oldest globe without America in there. Tickets to the museum for adults are 8 Euros.

3. Il Amore coffee shop | 14:00 

After the museum, let's have a coffee break and fuelled up the energy lost throughout the museum exhibitions. We went to Il Amore coffee shop for a cup of coffee and grab Roastbratwurst with us from the stall.

4. Documentation Center Nazi Party Rallying Ground |15:30 

After a small break, let's jump on the tram to go to the Documentation Center Nazi Party Rallying Ground. On the first sight it looks like very modern building, but the history and information the museum carry is very sensitive and give you an insight to Nazi and German history.

5. City Centre | 17:00 

Once you strolled around the museum, have a walk around the museum too before heading back to the city centre. There's a nice lake next to it and lots of greenery.

6. Ehekarussell fountain | 18:00 

While back in the city center, we took a walk again through the main streets, passing many shops until we were at the Ehekarussell fountain in the west. This fountain is portraying Hans Sachs' poem "Bitter-sweet Married Life".

7. Love Island & Weinstadel | 18:30 

Walked up towards the river where we passed the river through an island, so called "Love Island", where we found many nice boutiques and places to sit down too. Just nearby the island, there is another historical landmark - Weinstadel. This building once been a former wine depot. Located on the river side, you may see wooden galleries with metal waterspouts or a wooden bridge. How pretty is this hideaway.

8. Hausbraurei Altstadthof |19:30 

Having a dinner in the historic restaurant Hausbraurei Altstadthof with some traditional German dishes and beer.

9. Hotel | 21:00 

After our meal and last evening stroll in the city we got back to our hotel room, where we picked up our luggage and head off to the airport to catch our late night flight. It is so convenient to have a tube running directly to the airport in about 20 min!

Strolling in the City - Best Things to Do in Nuremberg
Strolling in the City - Best Things to Do in Nuremberg
Interesting Decoration Around the Corner - Best Things to Do in Nuremberg
Overlook the City - Best Things to Do in Nuremberg
Street Views - Best Things to Do in Nuremberg
Traditional Buildings Soaked up in the Sun - Best Things to Do in Nuremberg
Traditional Building - Best Things to Do in Nuremberg
Street View - Best Things to Do in Nuremberg
Memorials - Best Things to Do in Nuremberg
Traditional Buildings - Best Things to Do in Nuremberg
Skiing on the Frozen Lake - Best Things to Do in Nuremberg

How to Get around Nuremberg?

Nuremberg city center is small and easy to walk by foot. There is actually no bus or trams running through the city center, only tube stations are available. Which makes the city great and enjoyable to walk around without worrying on traffic. The best way to get around to Gozo or to the Documentation center is by either taking a tube or tram. One way tickets costs 3.30 Euros. Check day ticket or buy tickets in bulk if you are planning to use the public transport more often.

Strolling in the City - Best Things to Do in Nuremberg
Strolling in the City - Best Things to Do in Nuremberg

How to Get There

We flew in to Nuremberg airport by Ryanair from London Stansted. Once we have arrived to Nuremberg, there was a tube station outside the terminal building, which makes it much convenient and easy to get to the city center. To get to the city centre, take U2 line and ticket cost 3.30 Euros.

Street Views - Best Things to Do in Nuremberg

Where to Stay in Nuremberg

During our stay in Nurember, we have stayed in InterCity Nuremberg hotel which was located just next to the train station. Making it so convenient to check in, check out, Lidl was few steps away and so does the city center and transport. If you are looking for accommodations on Airbnb, sign up using my Airbnb link and get £13 of travel credits! Additionally, if you prefer hotels, book your stay through my link to get travel credits too! 

Colorful Buildings - Best Things to Do in Nuremberg
Special Design of the Building - Best Things to Do in Nuremberg

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