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Must-see O Show by Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas

For our summer trip to Las Vegas, my wife and I wanted to take in some shows and a good steak dinner. I mean what’s Las Vegas good for? Gambling, Drinking, Nightclubs, Dayclubs, and more Gambling. Yes, all those things are Vegas, but Shows are one thing that has defined Las Vegas from Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack to Liberace. For a city that offers 8 different Cirque du Soleil shows spread across some of the finest resorts in the country, it would be shame not to take in one of them. 

In this report, I wanted to share our experience of watching the “O” Show at the Bellagio. For many visitors who come to the strip, its like an experience they have never had. The scenes on Las Vegas Blvd. sometimes are like a show in itself, with the weekend LA kids who come to party, newly married honeymooners, to incapacitated drunks. But my wife and I have seen that re-run a few times already, so we opted to go to the Bellagio and watch the “O” Show. 

We did splurge and got Orchestra seats (kinda pricey), we wanted to watch the early show since the performers are usually fresher for first show and we like to stroll around the convention area of of the Bellagio as it has some of the nicest Air Conditioned walking areas on the Strip. 

Showtime was at 7:00 p.m and we arrived 15 min early, so that we could get situated and order drinks. For those who have never been in the Bellagio, the quickest and easiest path to find your way to the show is to look for the arrows and signage guiding guests to the Buffet as the “O” Show entrance is located fairly close to “The Buffet.” 

 If you have ever been to a Vegas show, you would know that there is a strict No Photo/Video policy, so be careful if your wanting to sneak a photo cause those ushers are quick to escort you out and then you’ve wasted your tickets. The “O” Show contains both aerial and aquatic feats of amazement. 

I’ll briefly share some of my favorite acts of the show. Since the “O” Show is exclusive to the Bellagio and The Bellagio Fountains are world famous, you must at this point know that a major element to the show is “Water.” So beware if you are lucky enough to be in the “Splash Zone” where you are up close to the performers, but also most likely to get wet from the incredible divers and synchronized swimmers on stage. 

The water acts that took my breath away were, “The Russian Swing”, “High Dive”, and also “Solo Trapeze.” Each act highlighted the focus and intensity each of these athletes must endure daily when training. The “Russian Swing” was a gravity defying show of heart, with the performers launching themselves in to the air with precision before diving gracefully to outstanding applauses. 

The next act that captured my attention was the “High Dive,” mainly because anytime you see someone dive from 60 ft. up will make you set your “Scotch & Rocks” down to see the brave soul who dares to attempt the feat in front of a packed house. 

Finally the act that made me go OMG was the “Solo Trapeze,” the young lady who performed that evening displayed such gracefulness in the air alone up there. Words can’t do justice to the feats she performed that evening. But let me share the scene that took the show for me, it was before the finale where she balances her body weight with her neck on the trapeze bar before she finally plunges into the pool below. see I told you words don’t do justice to the skill and performance she gave that night. So I encourage all of you who are reading this review to please click the link below to begin your own “O” Show experience and let yourself be the judge.


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