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Weekly Digest: Big Changes Coming to Hotels' Free Breakfast Policies(6/3-7)

Every week we pick the essential award travel news to keep you stay informed. Today, we are bringing you – Big Changes Coming to Hotels' Free Breakfast Policies; 4 other award travel news this week.

Starting with the hotel news, there seem to be a lot of talk about free breakfast lately in the hotel industries. Merely a few days after we heard the good news where Hyatt Place ended their trial of “no free breakfast” at Hyatt Place, today the hotelier has announced that they are outright ending free breakfast for non-members and bookings made on 3rd party sites. They also might start allowing early check-in for Explorist members depending on occupancies. SPG has launched new sale, up to 25% off, for cash-rate stays at participating hotels in Asia-Pacific till the end of July. Booking must be made by June 10.

Marriott announced their new program in April, and one of the positive changes was the free breakfast benefit for future Platinum members (current Gold members) are being expanded to more brands. Well, it looks like we cheered too early because Marriott seems to have reverted their decision and will only issue a $10 credit toward food and beverages for up to one guest per stay only. No more free breakfast at Courtyard, Platinum members!

There’s a chance to purchase Avios, the loyalty program currency for British Airways, Aer Lingus, and Iberia, at a discounted rate. The sale is taking place now on Groupon.ie and is subject to availability. The discount rate depending on the package chosen, and the price per Avios ranges from 0.95 to 1.47 cent. One thing to note is that the Avios will only be deposited after you redeem the voucher, and the voucher can only be redeemed after June 28th. After all this deal is done on Groupon, hence the voucher type of transaction.

American Airline credit cards by Citi and Barclays are quite useful in terms of airline co-brand credit cards. One of the most rewarding benefits for owning the co-branded card is the 10% rebate on miles redeem annually up to 10,000 miles back. If you redeem your AA miles regularly, it’s pretty much a 10,000 miles annual bonus. There’s a lesser known benefit along the same line that’s not mentioned all the time: American Airlines Reduced Mileage Awards. In short, when you own one of the AA credit cards, you are eligible to get a discount, up to 7,500 miles off per roundtrip flight in award pricing for certain flights in certain time of the year. Right now you can book for award flights and enjoy the discounts for the month of June to September. Check out the posts on Mommy Points and The Points Guy for more details.

Reddit user LostPeon shared an interesting fact about checked baggage. Both Alaska and Delta airlines have policies (possibly other airlines too) that passengers shouldn’t have to wait longer than 20 minutes for their luggages to arrive at the carousel after flight arrival. If you experience a wait of longer than 20 minutes, you can ask for a voucher that you can redeem for 2,500 miles. It pays to be patient!

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