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Travel Blogger Insights: 15 Top Things to Do in Hong Kong & Hong Kong Travel Guide

Original Source: 15 Top Things to Do in Hong Kong | Hong Kong Travel Guide from Ashley Renne

Hong Kong has a mix of dazzling cityscapes and the jaw-dropping landscapes. Today, Ashley Renne is sharing her Hong Kong travel guide for the 15 Top Things to Do in Hong Kong. If you are visiting Hong Kong and looking for places to visit in Hong Kong, this is something to help you sway your Hong Kong stay.

Visiting temple in Hong Kong for deeper cultural experience – 15 top things to do in Hong Kong

15 Top Things to Do in Hong Kong:

15. Hop on the Star Ferry to See Victoria Harbor

Star ferry boats are a pleasant way to see Victoria Harbor. Ferry rides in Hong Kong are also a popular way to get around but I consider avoiding the high-speed ferries apparently the increase in fast ferry traffic has been gravely endangering Hong Kong’s pink dolphin population. Remember to get an Octopus Card, a handy little card that gets you around the city by bus train tram and ferry navigating the streets of Hong Kong and when you leave Hong Kong you can return the card and get any money back that’s left on the card.

14. Visit the Victoria Peak for the Highest Panoramic View in Hong Kong

Although this is the more touristy way to see the Hong Kong skyline, it’s still one you can’t leave without experiencing. You can ride up by bus which is the cheaper route and ride back down by Peak Tram at Victoria Peak. You can enjoy the skyline for free or you can pay to go up further to the Sky Terrace 428 for the highest panoramic view. It takes forever to get up to the sky deck but it is so worth it especially at night to see hong kong themselves.

13.Hike the Lion Rock

My personal favorite is to hike Lion Rock. The view is even better than Victoria Peak and it’s free. The Lion Rock is not very popular amongst tourists which is why it was so great. I only ran into a
few locals and they were all really friendly so even though I hiked alone I never felt unsafe.
and then this is the Kowloon Peninsula

12. OZONE Sky Bar at the Ritz Carlton Hong Kong

A more posh way to experience a good view is to sip a cocktail at the OZONE Sky Bar at the Ritz Carlton Hong Kong. Beware that they strictly enforced their dress code after 9 p.m.

11. Skylight Show

You’ll see colorful lights and laser beams bursting from the skylight every night at 8:00 p.m. on both sides of Victoria Harbour 8. You can stroll along the promenade for more amazing views walk along the Shu Sha Tsui promenade where you can enjoy gazing at the architecture right along the water. One thing that we’ve noticed is that almost everywhere you stop there’s just a really pretty view –

10. Bargain for Electronics 

Shopping for electronics in Hong Kong is not as cheap as it was several years ago. But if you go to the right places, you might be able to find some good bargains. you can probably go to Amazon and get it for cheaper but I haven’t begun a negotiation process so I’m pretty short and go down lower and you attempt to negotiate with them a better life

9. Visit the Tai O Fishing Village

For a cultural experience, go visit Tai O Village. It’s a fishing village where you can
walk around eating traditional Cantonese food and take a boat tour. The boat tour is often advertised pink dolphin sightings but sadly these beautiful creatures are in danger of becoming extinct due to pollution and large-scale construction. You can help them by following some of the advice in my eco-friendly travel tips video like avoiding plastic and other things that avoiding plastic and other things that end up in the ocean like skin products that contain microbeads.

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