Sisters Travel Hand in Hand: Natalie and Camilla Holroyd (@sistersistertravels)

Every month we track down a great traveler from Instagram, and this time, it’s Natalie and Camilla Holroyd’s (@sistersistertravels) turn. Traveling as a pair of sister, they’ve set foot on 38 countries and continued on and on pursuing undiscovered destinations. Their claim is “Never try and calm itchy feet,” apparently for the time being, we are bet to see more of their adventures.

Occupation: We’re in completely different worlds. Natalie is a Year Two teacher in South London and I work in P.R. in Central London.

City you call home: We’re Londoners through and through.

Sisters travel hand in hand: Camilla-Natalie-Holroyd (@sistersistertravels) 

Can you tell us a little about yourself? We’ve been traveling together since we were babies. Our first trip was to Menorca when I was less than one and Natalie was two but our love to travel really began when we went on a family trip to Egypt. We’ve been exploring ever since.

The first Instagram photo you’ve ever taken? On the SisterSisterTravels account, it is us on a boat trip in Stockholm on freezing Sunday afternoon. However, on our personal accounts, Natalie’s is a picture from Leeds Universities Summer Ball (with way too much editing) and mine is of our family dog Libby.

The best advice you have for becoming a popular Instagrammer? Take photos that you love and there will be other people out there who love them too.

Tell us your 3 most favorite Instagram accounts!

  • TravelinHerShoes is a firm favorite, Aggie seems to be bouncing all over the world at the moment!
  • Gypsea_lust, Lauren makes everything look so beautiful and effortless.
  • Arunsharmaht who is a Photo Journalist from Delhi and captures the raw side of India which we love.

Can you name a few of the most instagrammable places that you have been to? Milan is beautiful from every angle – but then so is most of Italy! Petra because it is simply mind-blowing, India because of the colors and Zanzibar just because its Zanzibar.

Petra- Sisters travel hand in hand: Natalie and Camilla Holroyd (@sistersistertravels) 
Zanzibar- Sisters travel hand in hand: Natalie and Camilla Holroyd (@sistersistertravels) 

Tell us what your ideal luxury travel is like! We don’t get to travel in luxury much but a connection flight leaving on time is our idea of heaven! Running like crazy girls through Charles De Gaulle airport trying to make our flight to Rio was not fun!

What’s the first thing you do when arriving a new city? Natalie is a bit of a sticker for a plan so we normally have a second by second itinerary planned. But we walk absolutely everywhere – its the best way to see a new city!

Most embarrassing moments in your traveling? Trying to buy tampons in Rome with no mutual language between us. It was an interesting game of charades!

What are your travel essentials? Dry shampoo – how did people live without it?

Favorite hotels:

  • Petra Marriott Hotel. The views from the pool over the Petra Valley are like nothing we have ever seen before and the staff are beautiful people. We asked if they had any playing card which they didn’t but when we came down for breakfast the next day there was a pack on our favorite table. We insisted paying for them but they were having none of it! Those cards still come on every trip we go on today.
  • Titanic Hotel in Jaisalmer. The owner is the most amazing guy and if you couldn’t tell he obsessed with Titanic. We think his life was made when one day he found Kate Winslet in the back of his Tuk Tuk. He invited us to his sons 14th birthday party and it was one of the best evenings we have travelling.

Favorite airline: Qatar. Always on time and always seem to be bringing you food! That we cannot complain about!

Favorite airport: London Heathrow. It either the beginning of an adventure or we’re seeing our parents smiling faces for the first time in months sometimes!

How do you deal with jet lag? Just keep swimming!

Your “happy place” to visit? Italy hands down. We make sure we go once a year at least and whenever we get there it feels like our home away from home!

The rooftop of the Duomo Milan- Sisters travel hand in hand: Natalie and Camilla Holroyd (@sistersistertravels) 

What’s your pet peeves when taking a flight? We’re with most of the travel population here we assume but when someone get on a flight, sits in front of you and immediately whacks their seat back! Even on short haul? Where’s the fire people, we need to breathe!

Favorite outfit for traveling: Gym pants all the way. People who wear jeans and heals we salute you but have no idea how you do it?!

Any packing strategies? Roll everything. Dress, roll. Tops, roll. Pants, roll!

Anything on your travel bucket list you want to share? We’ve always thought that the Galapagos Islands looks pretty special and Lapland – but who doesn’t want to meet Father Christmas right?!

Favorite restaurant in London: It has to be our local, The Oak W12 literally about 30 seconds from our front door. Best stone baked pizza around!

Three must-do when visiting London: You have to go to Borough Market (we have a little thing for food!) You also need to have a drink at the top of the Shard while the sun is setting it has the best view of London by far and also take a stroll around South Kensington and Chelsea, there are some seriously stunning houses around. Also, make sure you catch a show in the West End – we know that’s four but we don’t want people missing out!

One DON’T when visiting London: Give the open top buses a miss – walk around the city there is so much detail you’ll miss if not!

What’s next? Australia in April and Istanbul and Cappadocia in May! Australia we’ve done before but its just such a fab country you always have to go back. Istanbul and Cappadocia will be a brand new adventure though!

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