May Destination Watch: 15 Best Summer Unleashed to You

As the seasons change, May is the best time to squeeze in a bonus trip to some of the best summer destinations before the scorch arrives. Lot's of the world's best destinations are warming up and the hoard of tourists haven’t yet arrived, giving you plenty of space to enjoy your holidays with good deals to be found. From South East Asia to sunny tropical islands and then to the wild blue yonder of Caribbean, here are 15 places where we think you should spend your time in May. 

Tropical Islands

Ready to pack your swimsuits and revel in the tradewinds? 

  1. Bora Bora: Part 1: Bora Bora – French Polynesia

     2. Fiji: Majestic Fiji – Matamanoa Island

    3. Honolulu: Christmas Eve at Honolulu!

First Class to the Wild Blue Yonder.

From Singapore A380 Suites to Lufthansa A330 First Class, follow in our award travelers footsteps to experience some of the titans in the air and foxtrot your way to First Class this Summer.

  1. Korean Air First Class 777-300 Seoul to San Francisco
  1. Singapore Airlines A380 Suites Class, Tokyo-Singapor

     3. Lufthansa First Class A330, Frankfurt to Dubai

S.E. Asia Unleashed to You

Want to experience the mysterious Far East? Here’s some of Asia's top travel spots that offer a healthy dose of food, adventure, and culture. Your last Chance before the Scorch of summer arrives!

  1. Hanoi, Vietnam: 4 Must-Try Foods In Hanoi

    2. Bali, Indonesia: Top 5 Places to visit in Bali

  1. Malaysia: Top Things To Do in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia


Bask on white sandy beaches and feel cool ocean breezes.  These are some of the must sees for you to enjoy the Caribbean sun .

  1. Panama: Review: Hilton Panama, Executive Suite

    2. Tulum: Tulum Part 1

    3. Costa Rica: 96 Hours in La Fortuna, Costa Rica: Top Things to Do in Costa Rica

South America

Say “Hola’” to our neighbors down south! It’s spring in the Southern hemisphere, ready to ditch the cold?


    2. Buenos Aires: The Best of Buenos Aires

     3. Brazil: Top Attractions in Brazil