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Kind-Hearted Vagabond: Lauren Livingstone(@laurnliving)

Every month we track down a great traveler from Instagram, and this time, it’s Lauren Livingstone’s (@laurnliving) turn. Bali is Lauren's home away from home, there she not only explores but dedicates herself to those in need. Kind-hearted is certainly Lauren's biggest charm and it's an enjoyment to see  through the beauty of world with her soft and amiable heart. 

Occupation: I am a care officer for disabled children and a part time travel consultant. 

Kind-Hearted Vagabond: Lauren Livingstone(@laurnliving)

City you call home: My home city is Aberdeen, Scotland.   

Can you tell us a little about yourself? I have traveled around south east Asia as a young child through my parents job and later returned in the last 2 years to discover more of these beautiful countries and cultures. I have done various voluntary projects, teaching and learning new languages. I recently moved to Bali, Indonesia for 6 months to complete a teaching internship. I fell in love with Bali and everything it has to offer. I would love to travel as much as I can over the next couple of years. My dream is to begin and open a charity/organisation in child protection and prevention of human trafficking. I am currently studying Health and Social Work through Open University. This allows me study wherever I am around the world.    

Kind-Hearted Vagabond: Lauren Livingstone(@laurnliving)

The first Instagram photo you’ve ever taken? The first Instagram photo I took was in Bali and from then on I couldn't stop taking photos, I built up an album that I really wanted to share with the rest of the world, and then I started my Instagram account.     

The best advice you have for becoming a popular Instagrammer? The best advice I would give is to be unique and not 'follow trends.' I sometimes find it difficult to not compare with other accounts but then they are amazing in their own way because of how unique they are and I wouldn't be popular if I followed or copied other accounts.     

Tell us your 3 most favorite Instagram accounts! @mappingalong @travelinhershoes @wanderingnotherners     

Kind-Hearted Vagabond: Lauren Livingstone(@laurnliving)

Can you name a few of the most instagrammable places that you have been to? Singapore is very 'instagrammable' it has amazing buildings and architecture but you can still capture some traditional authentic shots! North of Bali is also a great place for photos as it shows a different side to Bali from what people expect. It has a lot of beautiful, green scenery!   

Tell us what your ideal luxury travel is like!  I am very lucky to have opportunities to have complimentary stay in luxury hotels around Bali and I can honestly say they have been amazing! The staff, the food, the facilities and most importantly the room! My ideal luxury travel is staying in a resort or hotel filled with welcoming and warm staff! I feel that the people around you can make your stay!  

What's the first thing you do when arriving a new city? The first thing I do when arriving in a new city is check out my map and make a plan for where I would like to go and what I would like to see! I make a list on my phone of all the things I want to do and try my best to achieve everything on my list! I also like reading blog posts and reviews about certain places or ways to travel around! I find it really useful and then I love to share these tips on my own blog to help others! 

Kind-Hearted Vagabond: Lauren Livingstone(@laurnliving)

What three things you must have when traveling? The three things I must have when I travel are, my camera, comfy shoes for lots of walking and my phone to use for maps and making notes.   

Favorite hotel:
My favourite hotel has to be 'Days Hotel' Singapore, it has the most amazing city view, a 'travel buddy' which is a phone you can take around Singapore with internet access wherever you are! Amazing movies installed on the TV to watch at night and the comfiest bed!   

Favorite airline:  My favourite airline I have travelled with is Garuda Indonesia. The staff are so friendly and helpful and the seats are super comfy!   

Favorite airport: My favourite airport is Changi Airport, Singapore. I think it has been voted the best airpot in the world and I can see why! It is so clean, has the best shops and so many places to relax if you have a long wait for your flight!   

How do you deal with jet lag?  I usually try to keep my sleep pattern as normal as possible, I love overnight flights so I can sleep and then I make sure I spend the whole day awake in order to sleep better at night! It is the worse to be in sleeping in the day and not being able to sleep at night!     

How do you entertain yourself on 35000 feet?  I love watching in flight movies, reading my book, editing youtube videos on my laptop, and of course getting some sleep!     

Your "happy place" to visit?  My happy place has to be Bali, it is my home away from home!     

What's your pet peeves when staying at a hotel (or taking a flight)? I don't really have any pet peeves when travelling or staying at a hotel as long as everyone is friendly and helpful then that makes me a happy traveller!      

Favorite outfit for traveling: My favourite outfit has to be a comfy tracksuit, anything comfy is must! Socks are essential on flights and I always pack an extra layer / jumper incase it gets a bit cold on the flight!       

Any packing strategies? Packing strategies has to be just to pack as light as possible, overpacking used to be a massive downfall of mine and wouldn't end up wearing half the clothes that I packed. Just pack essentials and if you need anything extra you can always get it when you're there!       

Travel destinations on your bucket-list? Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam.       

Favorite Cafe in Bali:
I couldn't choice just one as they are all amazing! But my top 5 have to be; Revolver coffee, Kynd, Coffee Cartel, Soul Bytes and Suka.     

Kind-Hearted Vagabond: Lauren Livingstone(@laurnliving)

Three must-do when visiting Bali: Visit beaches in the south especially for sunset time as it is so beautiful, travel north to experience some traditional Bali traditions and culture. Including, cooking classes, coffee plantations, rice terraces and temples. Lastly, eat, eat and more eating! Bali offers the most delicious delicacies from gourmet cafes and restaurants to street food served in warungs, there is no taste quite like Bali street food!    

One DON'T when visiting Bali: Be disrespectful of the people and their culture, as Bali is known as a tourist destination the locals have adapted to sharing their island with people from all over the world, however Balinese still desire the traditional that their families have known for decades, they are very peaceful people who strongly believe in karma. One way to be respectful is always returning the warm smiles you will receive, being environmentally friendly and being aware of plastic use and abiding by Indonesian laws and regulations.

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