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Sunshine and Waterfall Seeker Jacqueline(@bettergetwanderlost)

Every week we track down a great travel Instagrammer, and this time, it’s  Jacqueline's (@bettergetwanderlost) turn. Only 20 yet Jacqueline's travel journeys got me goosebumps! Secluded beaches and hidden waterfalls are her favorite, her list of "happy place" is a gem to share with all the nature seekers, so read along and perhaps you'll find inspirations for your next trip! 

Occupation: I graduated from school last summer, then worked some random jobs to save some money, now I am traveling the world with my boyfriend Raphael

City you call home: Actually I live in a very small village in Austria, where everybody knows each other, the next supermarket is 20 minutes away and there is only one little bakery in my home village. 

Can you tell us a little about yourself? My name is Jacqueline, I am 20 years old and besides my passion for taking photos of my crazy travels and life experiences I love being in nature, cooking delicious (vegan) food and doing sports (probably in nature). 

The first Instagram photo you’ve ever taken? The first picture on my account @bettergetwanderlost shows my boyfriend walking to a beautiful beach in Marbella, Spain. At that time I was not into travel photography, but it’s still one of my fav pictures of him :) 

The best advice you have for becoming a popular Instagrammer? In my opinion a “famous“ Instagrammer is not somebody with thousands or millions of followers.  The most important thing is to enjoy taking photos. Always try to improve yourself and don’t compare yourself to others. You can make absolute stunning photos while having 100 followers on Instagram. The number of your followers is not an indicator of how good you are. 

Sunshine and Waterfall Seeker Jacqueline(@bettergetwanderlost)

Tell us your 3 most favorite Instagram accounts! 

  • @sjanaelise, I love her travel & yoga pictures and the posivity she spreads :) 
  • @elliebullen 
  • @debiflue 

 Can you name a few of the most instagrammable places that you have been to? Probably Kellingking Beach on Nusa Penida Island, Wallaman Falls in Australia, Kanangra Boyd Cliff (also in Australia), Tiu Kelep Waterfall in Lombok and many spots in Coron and El Nido (Philippines) … there are so many! But I love finding new places, that are not so famous on Instagram. 

Sunshine and Waterfall Seeker Jacqueline(@bettergetwanderlost)

Tell us what your ideal luxury travel is like! I don’t need fancy hotels, my perfect travel journey would be with a camper van (preferably an old VW bus in turqouise) and traveling Europe, Australia (again!) and America. I love waking up in new places everyday! That’s luxury for me. 

What's the first thing you do when arriving a new city? Probably buying a new simcard to navigate and find good restaurants. 

Most embarrassing moments in your traveling? Accidentally speaking German ( my mother tongue) with locals, haha. Happens all the time (mostly before I had coffee in the morning)

Sunshine and Waterfall Seeker Jacqueline(@bettergetwanderlost)

What are your travel essentials? I always have my notebook with me, to write down my thoughts and impressions of my travels. I love rereading it, so I can remember all those things I would have forgotten. 

Favorite hotel: I’d always prefer a camper van over a hotel, so that’s my fav!

Favorite airline: Ethiad Airways, because I love their vegan meal options and flight entertainment :)

Favorite airport: Munich and Singapore (spent a few nights there already)

Sunshine and Waterfall Seeker Jacqueline(@bettergetwanderlost)

How do you deal with jet lag? I’m always more jet lagged than my boyfriend. I try to distract myself and read a good book, edit some photos or use my fav app besides Instagram, Pinterest! 

Your "happy place" to visit?  It depends on the season and country I am in. I love to go hiking in summer in Austria. I love to spend a night in a cozy cabin in Winter. I love to visit a city in fall. Oh, and I love secluded beaches & hidden waterfalls (probably all year round)

Sunshine and Waterfall Seeker Jacqueline(@bettergetwanderlost)

What's your pet peeves when taking a flight? I hate when a plane is cooled down to North Pole-like temperatures.

Favorite outfit for traveling: Comfy sweat pants are a must-have for a long trip! Oh and I always pack warm socks, cause it gets pretty cold on planes sometimes. 

Travel destinations on your bucket-list? I want to go Hawaii, Flores Island, Java and the west coast of America. But there are many more on my list!

Sunshine and Waterfall Seeker Jacqueline(@bettergetwanderlost)

Favorite restaurant: I am in love with the amazing restaurants in Bali! My favs: „Sage“ and „The Spicy Coconut“ .  Another favorite of mine is „Lotus Shores“ in Siargao - their food is the best! (No restaurants in my home city!)

Three must-do when visiting Austria: You have to go hiking/skiing in the Alps, go camping in the mountains with your best mates (breathtaking views guaranteed) & visit my fav city in Austria: Salzburg. 

What’s your dream destination: Lord Howe - check it out, then you know why!

Sunshine and Waterfall Seeker Jacqueline(@bettergetwanderlost)

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