Follow the Steps of Yellow Backpack: Greta(@her_yellowbackpack)

Every week we track down a great travel Instagrammer, and this time, it’s Greta’s (@her_yellowbackpack) turn. “No plan is the best plan” is Greta’s travel philosophy, freely she lets her heart brings her to wherever is inspiring. In her photos, Greta showcases not only the picturesque backgrounds but also provides her insights of every destination she’s hit up. Come follow this yellow backpack and see where it leads us to! 

Occupation: Quality Assurance

City you call home: Steyr, Austria but deep in my heart there’s my hometown Chelm, Poland

Can you tell us a little about yourself? I’m from a small town in Poland called Chelm. I used to live in London but in 2016 I decided to move to Austria closer to my home country. I workfor an international catering company and during my free time, I love to travel! Most of the time my travels are spontaneous cause no plan is the best plan. I’m passionate about photography, living a healthy vegetarian life and spreading good vibes.

Arequipa, one of the most beautiful cities in South America – Follow the Steps of Yellow Backpack: Greta(@her_yellowbackpack)

The best advice you have for becoming a popular Instagrammer? I think it’s been always about the quality of your posts and photos. But writing an inspiring and motivating captions is the main thing.

Tell us your 3 most favorite Instagram accounts and why!

  • @travel_inhershoes – I really admire her. She has great photos, great stories, and such a good heart. Plus, she’s from Poland as well so how not to love her?!
  • @effortlyss – she’s just simply the best! Together with her boyfriend, she’s creating greatfeeds. Her photos are just amazing, her stories of how she began the whole influencer and her journey to get fit are really inspiring.
  • @mariefeandjakesnow – my favorite couple on Instagram. Their love story is sooo cute! Apart from great photos they launched great clothes brand, they share plant-based lifestyle and great stories.

Can you name a few of the most instagrammable places that you have been to? Machu Picchu, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Hallstatt, Lake Bled, Bali

Salar De Uyuni – Bolivia, World’s Largest Salt Flat –  Follow the Steps of Yellow Backpack: Greta(@her_yellowbackpack)
Machu Picchu –  Follow the Steps of Yellow Backpack: Greta(@her_yellowbackpack)
Machu Picchu –  Follow the Steps of Yellow Backpack: Greta(@her_yellowbackpack)

Tell us what your ideal luxury travel is like! There’s nothing luxurious about my travel but if I would have a chance it would be a flight with a good airline in business class, sleeping in some luxury hotel by the beach and driving around in a cool car. However, I love my style of traveling and wouldn’t change it!

What’s the first thing you do when arriving a new city? Looking for a good vegetarian or vegan restaurant

Most embarrassing moments in your traveling? Hard to remember any when you want to forget it ASAP 

What are your travel essentials? Sunglasses, body lotion, bikini, watch, comfortable shoes

Galápagos –  Follow the Steps of Yellow Backpack: Greta(@her_yellowbackpack)

Favorite hotel: I don’t sleep often in hotels but if I have to choose it would be Bliss Surfer Hotel in Bali

Favorite airline: Emirates

Favorite airport: Barcelona

Favorite item from the hotel mini-bar? Nothing

How do you deal with jet lag? I always try to switch already during my flight, usually, it helps.

Your “happy place” to visit? Of course my hometown!

Arequipa –  Follow the Steps of Yellow Backpack: Greta(@her_yellowbackpack)

What’s your pet peeves when staying at a hotel?In the hotel, the main pet peeves would be stains on towels and dirty shower/bath.

Favorite outfit for traveling: Leggings, t-shirt, and hoodies. 

Any packing strategies? Most of the time I roll all my clothes, it helps to save place.

Do you use any travel apps? Tripadvisor mostly for where to eat and CultureTrip

OMG Galapagos – Follow the Steps of Yellow Backpack: Greta(@her_yellowbackpack)

Travel destinations on your bucket-list? Wow, there’s a looooot of them but my top is: Greece, Iceland, Jordan, and Alaska

Favorite restaurant (or cafe) in Steyr:Restaurant Minichmayr

Three must-do when visiting Steyr:

  • Old Town – it’s just amazing
  • Zwischenbruecken – it’s a place in the city where rivers Steyr and Enns connects with each other. There’s also a small but beautiful waterfall
  • Mountains! Ok, it’s not in the city but with a short car drive, you can reach the beautifulAlps.

One DON’T when visiting Austria: To be honest everything in Austria is great so you should see all! 

What’s next? Like I said before “no plan is the best plan” so you never know 

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