Expert Picks : 10 Points & Miles Blogs You MUST Follow in 2018

What is the points and miles hobby like

I bet some of you share the same feeling as I do, that the points and miles hobby is a lot like a massive multiplayer online game. We research our ways to acquire more points and miles through various channels such as promotions, point sales, and credit card sign-up bonuses. We acquire new achievements with our ultra-difficult redemptions and all time high credit card offers. We join online communities and talk to fellow hobbyists about strategies. And we follow news outlets online to get the latest information on the ever-changing hobby of points and miles.

The points and miles hobby is a fast-paced “game” that requires constant attention and lots of planning ahead. One of the things award travel enthusiasts never stop doing is to stay on top of all the latest developments of the game. There are many ways to acquire the newest award travel information online, and one of them, arguably the best one, is to follow points and miles blogs.

Why read blogs?

To attract new audiences and maintain current readership, blogs need to continue publishing content that interests their audience. Compared to other news resources such as online groups and forums, the information on blogs are usually easier to read and is well-sourced. Today we are sharing with you our picks of 10 great point and miles blogs that you should definitely follow.
This list is not in any particular order and does not constitute a ranking of any kind.

10 Points and Miles blogs you must follow

  1. The Points Guy
    The Points Guy, or TPG, is arguably the biggest award travel blogs out there. Brian Kelly started the blog back in June of 2010, and it currently has more than 5 million unique visitors a month. TPG has a several active contributors and publishes new articles everyday, ranging from airline/hotel award news and reviews, general travel news, credit card related news, and award travel know-hows. The blog has built a large audience base as well as a decent number of opponents who disagree with its business model. Nevertheless, it’s definitely one of the go to resource for your award travel news daily dosage.
  2. Doctor of Credit
    Doctor of Credit, or DoC, is a credit card oriented blog that focuses on rewards credit cards that earns points and miles, with many other money making deals on the side. Founded in 2012, DoC is now generally believed to be the most unbiased online resource for credit cards because of its decision to not use any credit card affiliate links on the site since late 2014. On the blog you can expect to find points and miles credit card opinions (or “verdicts,” as the authors usually write) that is in the readers best interest. It is usually one of the sources that has the most up-to-date information. Consider opting in to receive their direct notification if you want to catch all the latest deals. 
  3. Loyalty Lobby
    Loyalty Lobby is the goto place for airline and hotel promotions, covering points and miles promotions and well as deals using cash. It is also pretty common to find deals that are exclusively announced on their blog. My recommendation is to skim the post titles quickly before clicking anything, or else you will very soon find yourself lost in the sea of deals!
  4. One Mile at A Time
    The founder, Lucky (Ben Schlappig) has been interviewed multiple times by non-travel blogger of “Medium” and said “traveling is more than a hobby for himself, more like an obsession.” He calls airports home and has been banned by United Airline’s frequent flyer program for “taking advantage of the system”.  Lucky’s passion on the “points and miles hobby” drives him to share his knowledge and experiences on award travel as a whole. Check out the blog and you’ll be sure to be attracted by Lucky’s personality and his passion for travel.
  5. Head for Points
    “The UK’s biggest frequent flyer website” is written on the blog’s about page, and I certainly don’t disagree. For those of you based in the UK or interested in learning about award travel news geared more toward UK and Europe in general, Head for Points should be your number one stop.
  6. Mommy Points
    As you might have guessed, Mommy Points on Boarding Area is a points and miles blog that’s focused toward award travel with family and kids. Redeeming 2 First Class tickets to Europe requires a decent amount of points and a bit of a flexible schedule, but redeeming 4 award air tickets and booking a free night stay that accommodates 2 adults and 2 kids is another story in itself. Mommy Points shares precious family award travel experiences and tips that you normally wouldn’t know until you’ve done it once yourself. If you’re the person in charge of planning the family trip, the blog could save you a great deal of time and headaches.
  7. Frequent Miler
    Also part of the frequent traveler blog network Boarding Area, Frequent Miler is what I consider the one blog to find advanced techniques in the points and miles hobby. Greg has made the blog his full time job merely 6 months after its debut, and you can certainly see his dedication in the posts where he strives to provide the most up-to-date and advanced tricks for maximizing the earning and redemption of points and miles. Joined by Nick, both authors continue to publish quality posts daily in various aspects of reward credit cards and award redemption.
  8. View from the Wing
    Gary writes the “View from the Wing” blog and combines deep analysis of current trends in the award travel world along with never ending tips on great awards redemptions. He is known to have redeemed an astonishing 100 million miles for traveling on premium class tickets. Started as early as 2002, View from the Wing is a blog that all award travelers should visit on a regular basis.
  9. Million Mile Secrets
    Daraius and Emily started the MMS blog in 2011 and have always had a solid base of readers. 
    The blog aims to teach people “the secret to big travel with small money”, and has proven itself to be very successful. The cheerful and delighted writing styles of the authors are almost addicting and thus created many loyal supporters of the blog. Many of the experienced award travelers I personally know have began their points and miles journey from the Million Mile Secrets blog.
  10. Point Hacks
    The Point Hacks is the source of great deals and tips for more frequent flyer points in Australia. Also started in 2011, the blog’s mission, as stated by themselves, is to help as many people as possible earn the most points they can, and use them the most effectively for their travel goals. Be sure to join their e-mail list for more Australian award travel news.

Notable Mention:

  • God Save The Points
    Last but not least, I am including one of my personal favorites. Started in 2014, God Save The Points is a younger blog compared to most of the blogs mentioned in the post. It sports a witty and humorous style with active updates everyday on it’s social networks. One of the authors Gilbert Ott famously offered a challenges for readers to catch him in an airport, and he would swap his business class seat with the winner (My kinda Guy.)

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