Europe in July: ​​Don’t Visit Europe in July before You Read This

Peak season in Europe can be a mess, with crowded holiday travelers. Summer is filled with long queues lining up in museums and shopping malls in Milan, Paris or London, and even smaller cities like Krakow or Rotterdam. Everyone tells you not to visit in the month of July or August if your not in the mood to fight the crowds to see the Sagrada Família in Barcelona or the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Here’s 20 destination guides for you to make it a great summer, from a mysterious Russian temple to the never-ending London nightlife. Every 48 hour guide tells you how to spend the best vacay in Europe to avoid crowds and still be immersed in Europe’s summer season.

Russia & Scandinavia

Fancy going somewhere different this year? 2018 FIFA is around the corner. Make sure to check out St. Regis, one of the fanciest six-star hotels in Moscow that gets you closer to the game and also allows you to pamper yourself at the same time. If you’re not much of a sport fan, go a little west to Northern Europe as summer is the best season to hunt for the Northern lights and get a “trip of the lifetime” experience.

1. Moscow: Moscow: The St. Regis Moscow Nikolskaya 

2. Stockholm: Stockholm: 8 Hours in Stockholm: 6 Top Things to Do in Stockholm 

3. Oslo & Bergen: Norway: 8 Hours in Norway: Best Things to Do in Oslo and Bergen 

Mediterranean Europe

Heading to Southern Europe for an awesome sunshine getaway? We recommend you take Iberia’s Business Class all the way to Madrid to enjoy the well-established, unpretentious social gathering tradition that is Spanish Tapas feasting. Jump in the blue waters of Malta and swim up to the  Hilton Malta for a glass of ice-cold cocktail. If you got any extra days to spend, we’ve also got an insider guides for Tuscany and Milan.

1. Review: Iberia Business Class A340-600 Chicago to Madrid 

2. Malta: Review: Hilton Malta 

3. Madrid: 48 Hours in Madrid: Where to Eat & What to Do in Madrid 

4. Milan: 48 hours in Milan: Best Things to Do in Milan 

5. Italy: Don't Visit Italy in August Until You Read This Post

The North Sea

London is a never aging ciy that is in its own class of “Cool.”  Read about staying in the only “Apartment” in the air from Emirates on your way there and then staying at the best IHG brand on the ground. London, we love your style and here we come.

1. London: Review: InterContinental London – The O2 [IHG] 

2. London: A Week in London: Top 20 Things to Do in London

3. Review: Etihad First Class Apartment A380, London to Abu-Dhabi 

Best of Central Europe

Take in the history, landscapes and nightlife of this ever-popular region.
Heading to Paris or Switzerland? Make sure you fly in with the best First Class titan in Europe and then check-in at some of these tried-and-true luxury hotels for a guaranteed smiling vacation face .

1. Lucern: 24 Hours in Lucerne, Switzerland: Things to do in Lucerne  

2. Lucern: Renaissance Lucerne Hotel, Switzerland [Marriott]  

3. Krakow: 6 Days in Poland: What to Eat, Drink and Do in Krakow   

4. Lufthansa First Class 747-8 , Frankfurt to Boston  

5. Paris: Review: Little Parisian luxuries at Hotel Thérèse Paris  

6. Pragu: Review: Hilton Pragu

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