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Massive Devaluation in Asia Miles! 3 Things You Must Know

The award charts of Asia Miles have seemed to stand still in time. The last time they had a change was about a decade ago. 
It’s been rumored around about this devaluation during the last few months and Asia Miles has finally announced the news of an update. My first impression is, this is totally bad news for travelers. However after reading a bit through it and doing a bit of calculations for before-and-after comparisons, there’s still some good things leftover with the refresh. Here are the three things you must know about the changes to the award charts: 

  1. Changes to flight award redemptions: devaluation for redemption of CX Business Class flights and even worse devaluations for redemption of oneworld flights
  2. Massive changes in how to earn miles, in a good way!
  3. The “1+1” award chart is no more, it’s being slated to be cancelled 

1. Changes to flight award redemptions: slightly improved for Economy class and worse for others 

Below is a “Before and After” Chart for quick comparison between the awards charts. The interval of distance has been decreased to 5 from 7 intervals and the upper and lower limits of each interval have also changed. This makes it a bit difficult for making this comparison table, but we managed to make it easy to understand.  

2018 “Asia Miles Standard Award Chart” Before and After

Briefly stating here, the redemption rate for premium classes has been worsend, just as all other airlines do in the world. Nevertheless, there is still a glimmer of hope for the better in regards to the redemption rate for economy class. In other words, for those who love to go big, this change is awful, but for those newbies joining this points racket, the threshold for them to get their first award flight ticket is now much lower! 

Asia Miles’ official website also said that it will provide 20% more awards availability. This is also confirmed by their officials that travelers can definitely see the change by adding more seats available to historical hot routes. Let’s wait and see! Moreover, there are  two new award type - Choice Award and Tailored Award. By spending more miles per each ticket you get access to more available seats. This change is more like what we’ve seen with American Airlines and Singapore Airlines. 

Now we turnover to the award charts for redeeming oneworld flights. 

2018 Asia Miles “oneworld Multi-Carrier Award Chart” Before and After

Well, there is not much to say but shorten your trip, if you plan to take oneworld flights. Almost all routes longer than 4000 miles will cost more than before. On the other hand, a 30% decrease has appeared for first class on routes between 14001 - 18000. 

Thank heavens there’s still some good spots in earning miles. 

2. Massive changes in how to earn miles, in a good way!

Before the change, mileage was earned by the distance that was actually “flied.” This time, Asia Miles introduced a new way of earning by intervals of flight distance. This could change a lot. It will be worse for routes whose flight distance is longer than the average of the interval, but better for those whose are shorter. We can see, they have spent quite a lot effort in making sure a big portion of their flight routes would earn more. 

Earning miles is probably the only good part of this change. More specifically, currently you can earn 100% Asia Miles by flying sub-class Y, B, H, K, M, L and V of CX flights. After these changes, the earning rate of sub-class Y, B, H and K will be higher than M, L and V. The earning rate also increases for sub-class S, N and Q which is 25% for now. 

Asia Miles Earn Chart

This change will take effect on June 22nd. For flights tickets purchased before the 22nd but carried out after the 22nd, the higher rate of accumulated miles will apply. 

3. The “1+1” award chart is cancelled: Partnership awards is part away with CX awards 

In the press release this time, we see repeatedly that these changes only apply to Cathay and Cathay Dragon flights. There’s a huge trap hidden here. 

The original “1+1” award chart has split into 3 charts. 

In the original award charts there were 3 possible combinations of flights that were redeemable: 

  1. Flight awards of Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon
  2. Flight awards of one partner airline 
  3. Flight awards of Cathay Pacific / Cathay Dragon AND one partner airlines

This is the so-called “1+1” award chart: one Cathay Pacific / Cathay Dragon flight PLUS one partner airline. 

However, from what we’ve seen there’s only the first award chart for flight awards of Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon. This could be good and bad. Since the other two charts are still not available (if they even think of it!), the prices could be different in the future when using Asia Miles for CX flights and other partner flights. 

Updates: just confirmed with an Asia Miles official that the award charts for partner airlines will change too and will not be combined with the old “1+1” charts. They also added that there no longer will be award charts anymore. The miles will now be calculated by Asia Mile Calculator. 

Example flight of HKG=USM on the websit

Take the example flight of HKG=USM on the website. This route doesn’t apply to the award chart for CX, or that for oneworld, maybe some mystery chart that is still yet unknown! 

Bottom Line

This time Asia Miles changed a lot to its policy. We suggest that: 

  1. Act fast, if you plan to redeem for business class or flights on oneworld airlines! 
  2. The threshold has been lowered for newbies. 
  3. After the “1+1” award chart has been cancelled, the redemption rate for flight of single partner airline will be different from that for CX flights. 
  4. Mileage accumulation will now be easier. 

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