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Daily Digest: Great British Airways Avios Sale with Less Than 1 Cent each (6/5)

Every day we pick the essential award travel news to keep you stay informed. Today, we are bringing you – great British Airways Avios sale with less than 1 cent each; 5 other award travel news today. Read yesterday’s post here.

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There’s a chance to purchase Avios, the loyalty program currency for British Airways, Aer Lingus, and Iberia, at a discounted rate. The sale is taking place now on Groupon.ie and is subject to availability. The discount rate depending on the package chosen, and the price per Avios ranges from 0.95 to 1.47 cent. One thing to note is that the Avios will only be deposited after you redeem the voucher, and the voucher can only be redeemed after June 28th. After all this deal is done on Groupon, hence the voucher type of transaction.

Hilton is also selling points with a 100% bonus and it will end on June 7th. At 0.5 cent per point, it’s may or may not be worth it since the value for each award night redemption can vary a lot. In this case, be sure to have a specific goal in mind before you make the purchase. (Hint: more than half of Hilton’s redemption has a less value than 0.5 cent per point…)

Also on the topic of discounted deals, let me remind you that Southwest is having a Summer Sale of as low as $44 one-way. Since Southwest’s Rapid Rewards program is revenue-based, basically meaning the points needed for a flight is proportional to the cash price, you can take advantage of the Summer Sale when booking using points as well.

Continuing with news in the hotel industry, In the beginning of 2018, Wyndham announced that they’re acquiring La Quinta hotel group, and now the point transfer and status matching between the two program have already begun. Marriott and SPG is looking into the possibility to let customers with free night certificate “upgrade” the certificate and redeem for a room costing more points by paying the difference in points. It is still unclear and we’re interested to find out how this will be implemented.
In credit card news, yesterday we reported that Amex has improved their Extended Warranty benefits, and it looks like their Purchase Protection benefits actually received an upgrade as well and we missed it! Their already generous purchase protection benefit, covering up to $1,000 per occurrence ($10,000 for premium cards), now has an even more lenient filing policy of 120 days from date of loss. This gives us yet another reason to use the Amex cards when purchasing expensive items.

Our readers often ask us question regarding what to do with credit cards after getting the sign-up bonus, especially when the annual fee is due soon. The rule of thumbs are:

  1. There isn’t really a reason to cancel cards with no annual fee.
  2. You can often downgrade a credit card with annual fee to a lesser version with no annual fee.
  3. You can negotiate with the bank when annual fee posts.
  4. You can cancel the card within a period of time after annual fee posts and receive a full refund. (usually 30 days)

For the 3rd option, one negotiation strategy is to ask for a “retention offer.” We will talk about retention offer in more details in dedicated posts, but today we saw an example of a great retention offer that’s definitely worth taking. Citi’s discontinued AT&T Access More credit card is a unique card that earns 3x ThankYou Points for every dollar spent for online shopping categories. Although the card is now discontinued, it looks like Citi doesn’t really want existing customers to leave just yet. Milenomics shared his experience in getting a retention offer for this card that can let him earn up to 35,000 bonus points. Check it out in the post and definitely try it yourself if you have the card.

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