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Boss of Points, From Interest to Career: Keith Wang

AwardTravel has come up with a new project! Every week we track down an AwardTraveler and our first and foremost guest today is Keith Wang, the founder of AwardTravel, Pointimize and AwardHunt! For Keith, travel is an lifelong essential, which has led to his passion for collecting points and miles. Want to know the secret life of AwardTraveler and how they get all the award trips? Read along and maybe you’ll gain some inspirations and hit the big time as an AwardTraveler!

City you call home: 
San Francisco or Taipei.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Umm, about me….I really love travel and see how big the world is. Ever since college, I’d seize every chance I had to travel around. After graduation, I worked at travel agency as a tour guide. Then I studied in the USA, started gaining knowledge of Award Travel bit by bit. Knowing more about points and miles has enabled me to travel to more places! So why travel? I guess the answer is simple and direct. Life itself is a travel, thru traveling I feel like I’m growing and learning from this vibrant world.

Keith Wang, founder of AwardTravel.

Tell us your 3 most favorite travel youtuber/travel blogger/Instagram accounts and why!
Three only!! Tough choice to make… umm. Ok, the first one goes to:

  1. Lucky from One Miles at a Time, you can read far more than destinations or flight reviews there, his perspectives are personal but objective enough to convey his thoughts toward the services he has. 
  2. I say, Million Miles Secret is definitely one of the best blogs, while absorbing their informative insights, it’s like reading their(Emily and Daraius) life journeys. I’m quite a stalwart of this blog, and seeing them started as friends, then a couple, and back to friends… I realize once again that life is indeed a journey, you can never figure out what life will bring you the next minute!   
  3. TPG is my next fav, some might say his articles are too commercial, but no one can deny his impressive ability to include all the travel-related content in his blog. I had a chance to fly JAL first class with him before, while enjoying his lux service, he even set an alarm clock so that he could tweet and write reviews. What a dedicated blogger!!

What made you start the point-collecting life?
The moment I had my first US-based credit card!!! There I started my first Chinese Blog- Pointsjourney.com.

The best advice you have for becoming an award traveler?
Think about your next travel destination and start collecting points!!!
(Check out hotel point valuation guides to start your points collection)

Can you name a few of the most photo-worthy places that you have been to?
Antelope Canyon, though it’s nothing particular, it’s where I mourned for my poor camera skills. 

Antelope Canyon is the most photo-worthy places according to Keith.

What mistake would you definitely fix if you could start your blog all over again?
Go travel when you have enough points! NEVER hoard points only to end up devaluating. Tears won’t bring you back the lost points…..

What’s the most amazing moment in your point-collecting life?
When everyone was crazy about US Airways’ semi-round the world ticket in 2013, it was then I flew first class for the first time in my life. I was a newbie to travel with points, and by the moment I put on silky pajamas, that was definitely life-changing.

What’s the most embarrassing thing you have experienced when traveling?
I forgot to pick up my luggage lol. By the time I reached the customs, the officer asked whether I brought my luggage, which I totally forgot… I was so embarrassed lol…. 

I have to say, It can be tiresome to fly from places to places, I guess it’s normal that I should forget lots of things when landing…  

Which airlines is your favorite and why?
Considering first class, I’ll pick either SIA or JAL..but umm.. 

I think my fav goes to SIA, it has perfect service but not too bow-and-scrape, whereas JAL’s politeness is sometimes too overwhelming.

Which hotel rewards status is a must-have? 
Marriott Platinum is highly-recommended. Along with the combination of SPG/Marriott, there will be much more hotel options. Besides, who can resist the exquisite breakfast and the Executive Lounge! You won’t want to miss these two perks, so go get one!!

After the acquisition of Starwood, Marriott Platinum has become the must-have to AwardTravelers.

Tell us the most luxurious hotel room you have redeemed before.
Conrad Koh Samui, it’s the sort of villa you can redeem simply with points. You even have a private pool, should suffice!!

You can even have a private pool in Conrad Koh Samui!?

Tell us what your ideal luxury travel experience would be like: 
Comfy flights and hotels are just the basics, breathtaking natural views are to my heart’s content! 

What's the first thing you do when arriving in a new city? 
Go to the locals’ markets!! Nothing is more exciting than exploring the very local place!

What's next?
AwardTravel, Pointimize and AwardHunt are outputs of our dedicated team and my personal experiences, aiming to share how amazing travel is. I sincerely hope that you can try out more about our products and give us feedbacks or suggestions. After all, we have one shared goal: Each travel is meant to fulfill our lives even more.  

"Each travel is meant to fulfill our lives even more" - Keith Wang

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