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Bali Travel Guide: 10 Best Things to Do in Bali

Original Source:  TOP 10 Things to Do in Bali & Bali Travel Guide from Lost LeBlanc

Bali, Indonesia is a must visit destination if you are traveling around Southeast Asia. The Island has a lot to offer from beautiful beaches, waterfalls, affordable villas, exciting nightlife and so much more. Today, Lost LeBlanc, a rising Youtube star shares with you his Bali Travel Guide with a list of best things to do in Bali.

Best Things to Do in Bali, Indonesia (Bali Travel Guide):

10. Seminyak

Seminyak is probably the most developed part of Bali. Staying in an incredible villa here could literally cost you just as much as staying in a five star hotel in a western country. I don’t rank Seminyak high for the adventure factor but it definitely has a lot to offer if you’re just looking to put your feet up enjoy some luxury living. One of the incredible things about Bali is the living cost is much more affordable and it’s also home to many resorts with incredible fine dining and excellent nightlife. Speaking of good food, Motel Mexico La is a great place for nightlife and food but beware it is quite expensive.

9. Gunung Kawi Sebatu Temple, Tampaksiring 

This is an incredible temple built into a hillside. The environment is in the lush green forest of Bali and there’s something very unique about being here. You truly feel like you’re experiencing some of Bali’s history. The entire complex was actually built in the 11th century as a massive tombstone for the king and his family the incredible tombstone is surrounded by a beautiful rice terrace. It’s definitely worth exploring.

8. Jimbaran Bay

This is where I had one of the most remarkable sunsets of my entire life. Jibraan can also be quite touristy but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. You can definitely expect to compete with some crowds but you’ll have a remarkable night with some great food.

7. Tegenungan waterfall and Padang Bulia

Bali is filled with incredible waterfalls but the two that stood out the most to me are Tegenungan waterfall and Padang Bulia. A local secret for you that Padang Bulia is by far one of the most unknown waterfalls that is worth visiting in Bali. Although it’s a little smaller than to Tegenungan waterfall, it is no less magical and it is definitely a photographer’s dream. You don’t have to compete with the crowds and you still get a magical scene if you’re traveling for photography purposes.

6. Ubud Monkey Jungle in Ubud

Ubud is a really cool kind of yogi easygoing town that has a very unique Balinese culture too. It’s filled with local markets, coffee shops, incredible restaurants, high-end hotels and even low-end hotels so it fits all budgets. Ubud is also pretty much a must-visit place, if you’re coming to Bali. It definitely is one of the more popular tourist attraction so it does get busy. If you’re looking for a fun day trip, one of the things you can do is the Ubud Monkey Jungle. Although a bit of a tourist trap, it is quite fun to be able to see all those monkeys hanging out.

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