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Award Traveler's Guide to Hyatt (1): Overview of Hyatt

Hyatt is a relatively small hotel group compared to Marriott or Wyndham, and you should definitely know about this brand if you want to experience some of the most luxury hotels! We've separated this Hyatt guide into three part, and it's just the first one. Now let's get started! 


“Feel the Hyatt Touch”, “sunrise-to-sunset service”, Hyatt truly excels in building its image with catchy slogans. With only thirteen brands, Hyatt is obviously not as competitive as Marriott or Wyndham, though it may be small, surely it’s complete in every detail, a compact hotel chain I’d say. Not bad with a footprint of over 700 properties over 54 countries! Not only is Hyatt amiable, its loyalty program “World of Hyatt” is definitely what keeps customers around. Replacing the Hyatt Gold Passport, the new loyalty program launched in March 2017 and actually has quite a few benefits and protips not many people are aware of. The program is around it’s one year anniversary, I’ll examine a bit how it works, all the basic ins and outs of “World of Hyatt” and how to maximize your award travel needs! 

Brand Collection of Hyatt

It’s always the most tantalising part, since in any major hotel chain, there are so many sub brands to choose from, various budget ranges as well as numerous destinations from city center to off-of-beaten-path are all within grasp for your delights! Though with only 13 brands, Hyatt has taken care of your every wish, luxury, modern, stylish, bourgeois, come choose what your heart desires! We’ve sorted out four categories for you. 

We’ve sorted the hotels brands into a few levels: 

  • Ultimate Luxury
  • Modern Luxury and Stylish
  • Middle-Upper Class
  • Middle Class 
  • All-inclusive 
World of Hyatt Brands - Hyatt Guide

1. Ultimate Luxury 

Ultimate Luxury includes two hotel brands: 

  • Park Hyatt
  • Grand Hyatt

Park Hyatt is no doubt the bee’s knees among it’s other brands, where you’re bound to find rare and unexpected pleasures artfully interwoven in your stays. A touch of elegance and grandeur mixes perfectly and adds to the flavor of this refinement-rich brand! If you’re determined to be pampered, there is a total of 41 destinations to choose from. Grand Hyatt falls into this category as well, emphasizing on Grand goes beyond, Grand Hyatt unlocks the extraordinary every moment by creating experiences beyond expectation. Give #LivingGrand a shot and maybe you’ll fall for its charm! 

2. Modern, Luxury and Stylish 

Modern, Luxury and Stylish includes three hotel brands: 

  • Hyatt Centric
  • Andaz
  • Unbound

Coming in as a pack, these three are the epitome of modern: Hyatt Centric, Andaz and Unbound. Unlike traditional lux, in these three brands you’re more likely to receive a vibrant atmosphere, a fresh and stimulating environment infused with character, a kaleidoscope of local culture it is. Or you aim to find more boutique-like hotels, Unbound, as the name suggests, is free to create and be diverse, and more often than not, you can find them in rich-historic regions and one-of-a-kind attractions.  

 3. Middle-Upper Class

Hyatt’s Middle-Upper Class includes one hotel brand: 

  • Hyatt Regency 

Hyatt Regency, one of Hyatt’s very first brands of hotels and resorts, it’s definitely iconic among all the other brands in the portfolio. Appearing flashy and classic might be what catches attention first, but within its rich history, it was once called the “Hotel of Hope” for opening its doors to American civil rights leaders. Even up till today, Regency is aimed to foster connections around the world at more than 175 Hyatt Regency hotels and resorts worldwide.   

4. Middle class 

Middle Class includes two hotel brands: 

  • Hyatt House 
  • Hyatt Place 

Seems like Hyatt House has everything covered, spacious rooms, and well, who can resist complimentary breakfast?  Oatmeal, yogurts, gluten-free goodies… With it’s affordable prices you can have it all! As for those who never settle, a comfortable stay at Hyatt Place is definitely a blessing, its 24/7 Gallery Menu and Market has freshly prepared hot food anytime. Hyatt Place is a must visit for business travelers looking for a recharging stay! 

5. All-inclusive

Hyatt’s All-inclusive resorts includes two brands: 

  • Hyatt Ziva
  • Hyatt Zilara 

I always save the best for the last. Hyatt’s most extraordinary and exclusive award, no doubt go to Hyatt Ziva and Hyatt Zilara. You can find these two selectively placed in Los Cabos, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, etc. The luxurious accommodations and personal services are just the basics, it is the culinary options that will make your jaw-drop. Hyatt Ziva is family resort while Hyatt Zilara is for adults-only, 18 years or older to be precise. It’d be a pity if you were stuck in the hotel room when in Cancun, but being all-inclusive makes it an easy choice. Go ahead, and order everything your belly desires.

Overview of World of Hyatt 

If you’re no stranger to Hyatt, you’d know World of Hyatt is only a-year-old loyalty program that replaces Hyatt Gold Passport, completely overhauling its elites statuses and benefits. I’m going to skip the prolix part and focus on the perks of each status and how to earn points! 

World of Hyatt Membership Tiers 

It’s a four-tier elite structure, Member, Discoverist, Explorist, and Globalist. There is an ultimate tier-- Lifetime Globalist which we’ll explain more about later, these four tiers sound quite adventuresome don’t they? 

You might want skip this portion of the reading till the end since the coverage is way too long; therefore I’ll provide my insights here, basically there’s really nothing much you can gain from Discoverist, the goodies lie in Explorist and Globalist. Though Discoverist doesn’t have much to offer, if you can be one, then why not? 

  • World of Hyatt membership is the base level and will earn you 5 Hyatt points for every eligible U.S. dollar spent at Hyatt’s hotels & resorts.
  • Discoverist is reached after completing 10 qualifying stays or spending $5,000 USD on hotel stays (= earning 25,000 Hyatt points) in a calendar year. As a Discoverist, you receive the following benefits:  
    1. A 10% point bonus.
    2. A preferred room including rooms on higher floors or larger rooms, based on availability upon arrival.
    3. Complimentary high-speed in-room internet access.
    4. Daily complimentary bottle of water.
    5. Resort fee waived on free night awards.
    6. Priority check-in.
    7. Late check out request (until 2:00 p.m) at participating properties.
  • Explorist membership is reached after completing 30 qualifying stays or spending $10,000 USD on hotel stays (= earning 50,000 Hyatt points) in a calendar year. As an Explorist, you receive the following benefits:
    1. A 20% point bonus.
    2. Upgrade to the best room, based on availability upon arrival (excluding suites).
    3. Complimentary high-speed in-room internet access.
    4. Daily complimentary bottle of water.
    5. Resort fee waived on free night awards.
    6. Priority check-in.
    7. Late check out request (until 2:00 p.m) at participating properties.
    8. 4 Club lounge passes valid on eligible rates or when redeeming points for free night awards.
    9. One free night award in a Category 1-4 Hyatt hotel or resort (valid for 120 days from issuance).
  • Globalist membership, the highest tier, is reached after completing 60 eligible stays or when you spend $20,000 USD on hotel stays (= earn 100,000 Hyatt points) in a calendar year. As a Globalist, you receive the following benefits:
    1. A 30% point bonus.
    2. Upgrade to the best room available upon arrival, including standard suites.
    3. Complimentary high-speed in-room internet access.
    4. Daily complimentary bottle of water.
    5. Resort fee waived on free night awards and eligible rates.
    6. Priority check-in.
    7. Late check out request (until 4:00 pm).
    8. Exclusive access to the Regency Club or Grand Club lounge (featuring complimentary continental breakfast and evening hors d’oeuvres).
    9. Daily complimentary full breakfast (in hotels without a club lounge).
    10. Four suite upgrade per year (upgrade confirmed at the time of reservation on eligible paid nights).
    11. Complimentary parking on free night awards at participating Hyatt hotels.
    12. Priority access to available rooms when checking in early.
    13. One free night award in a Category Hyatt hotel or resort (valid for 120 days from issuance).
    14. Access to My Hyatt Concierge agent for reservations and personalized service.
    15. Maintain Globalist status after 55 qualifying nights each subsequent year

I know how it looks...feels like a conundrum right, so many rules and it’s hard to comprehend them right away, so, let me breakdown these benefits in an easy to understand way….

Benefits at a Glance - Hyatt Guide
Benefits at a Glance II - Hyatt Guide

How Are Hyatt Points Worthy?

As we know, the value of points for any loyalty program depends on how the points are used. In a pure-revenue-based program, the value of points is almost always fixed; in category-based programs, the value is variable because the cash rate depends largely on the date/season and room availability, while the award rate depends on the category. In World of Hyatt Rewards, we used historical data from Pointimize to determine the value for all major hotel points, and the estimated value for World of Hyatt points in 2017 for its seven categories is listed below. Usually, the lower the category, the better the redemption rate, this rule is particular true when applied to category 1. But what’s so special about Hyatt is that you can apply it to category 7 as well! There are only 13 hotel properties that belong to this category. Excluding the 5 Residence club properties (which are not supported by Pointimize), only 8 properties are included. It’s no surprise that those properties all belong to Park Hyatt. We can redeem for a high value when peak-season arrives, but for the off-peak season, it is usually not an ideal redemption choice, since the cash price is also low. 

CPP created by Pointimize - Hyatt Guide

Whoop, time to take a break, you've come a long way! This is just the first part of the Hyatt Guide, two more to come, be patient! In the next two articles you'll know how to earn and redeem points at your best interests. Stay tuned! Goodies always lie at the end.

Have you ever earned or used World of Hyatt points? Share with us your experience. More travel inspirations at @awardtravel. If you would like to share your travel ideas or experience with more people, please send us a message at [email protected]

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US-Residences Only Credit Card Perks

As a Chase Hyatt Credit Cardmember, the membership includes bonus point offers as part of its sign-up perks, not only will you enjoy World of Hyatt Discoverist status, but you can also earn 3X points per $1 for Hyatt stays; 2X points per $1 for airfare purchased through airlines, restaurant dining, and car rentals; and 1X point per $1 for all other purchases. And all the perks cost merely 75 USD for the annual fee, not to mention one free night at category 1-4 is thrown in! Plus, it’ll be slightly easier if you continue to upgrade to Explorist! I’ll explain more later, but for now, for those who have patience and time, read along and perhaps you can find more perks than I can!

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