A Getaway with Full-time Explorer: Ytzi Martínez (@flamingoaround)

Every week we track down a great travel Instagrammer, and this time, it’s Ahtziri Ytzi Martínez’s (@flamingoaround) turn. Being a part-time traveler and full-time explorer, it’s no hard to see the flamingo’s symbolizing firing and warm spirits in Ytzi’s photos. Her determination to travel far has made us lucky enough to read through her adventures. 

Occupation: Part-time traveler and full-time explorer

City you call home: Mexico

Can you tell us a little about yourself? I was born in Mexico city, but when I was 15 my family and I moved to Mérida, Yucatán, after that I lived in Cancun, Washington D.C, London and now I’m settled in Lisbon, Portugal. I’ve always had a huge desire to travel the world, I had to work so hard while I was in Mexico to make my dreams come true, I believe in me, and did it, I’m still traveling a lot with no plans to stop!

Enchanting Paris – A Getaway with Full-time Explorer: Ytzi Martínez (@flamingoaround)

The first Instagram photo you’ve ever taken? It was in Central Park, New York, it was my first account, but since Instagram wasn’t that common at the moment, I didn’t use it that much, and I didn’t remember my password so I had to open a new account, the one I have now.l

The best advice you have for becoming a popular travel Instagrammer? I think the most important is to be you, don’t try to be exactly like someone else, show others what you really are.

Tell us your 3 most favorite Instagram accounts! @travel_inhershoes @us.on.earth @dianamiaus

Can you name a few of the most instagrammable places that you have been to?

  • Limone, Garda lake, Italy
  • Izamal, Yucatán, Mexico
  • Óbidos, Portugal
Peneda-Gerês National Park –  A Getaway with Full-time Explorer: Ytzi Martínez (@flamingoaround)
Portugal –  A Getaway with Full-time Explorer: Ytzi Martínez (@flamingoaround)
Fátima, Portugal – A Getaway with Full-time Explorer: Ytzi Martínez (@flamingoaround)

What’s the first thing you do when arriving a new city? Leave my stuff wherever I’m staying, and then I normally walk a lot, I love to see places by walking, you get to see the real life and some amazing spots too, I also get a local beer always!

Most embarrassing moments in your traveling? I was on the beach having a massage, I was on the table lying on my stomach and when the massage boy told me to turn on my back but it was very windy, so my towel that covered my chest flew out and left me completely topless in front of everyone, and they started clapping their hands screaming “topless topless” hahaha

What are your travel essentials? All my camera gear, that’s a lot so

Favorite hotel: Akumal Beach Resort, Akumal, Mexico

Favorite airline: Delta Airline

Favorite airport: Lisbon airport, small and easy to get to the gates.

How do you deal with jet lag? I normally have a good sleep before a trip, I’d try to take it easy and relax, and the most important thing is always hunting the sun!

Your “happy place” to visit? Banff forever and always

Lake Louise, Alberta – A Getaway with Full-time Explorer: Ytzi Martínez (@flamingoaround)

Favorite outfit for traveling: Very comfortable, so I would say any sport outfit

Any packing strategies?  I use ziplock for all my liquids, creams and beauty stuff, I use plastic cubes to separate my clothes so once I get to my destination I know exactly where my stuff are. I haven’t done the roll and vacuum thing but I’m sure it works and helps you save lots of space.

Travel destinations on your bucket-list? Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Maldives, Turkey, Greece, Croatia…

Favorite restaurant in Lisbon: Casa do Alentejo

Three must-do when visiting Lisbon:

  • Tile museum (the most beautiful tiles and church ever)
  • Cabo da Roca (the western point of mainland Portugal, the views are incredible, the perfect escape for photographers)
  • Park rooftop bar (Have a drink while you appreciate the most beautiful sunset)
Lisbon, Portugal –  A Getaway with Full-time Explorer: Ytzi Martínez (@flamingoaround)
Óbidos, Portugal – A Getaway with Full-time Explorer: Ytzi Martínez (@flamingoaround)

One DON’T when visiting Lisbon: Maybe not a don’t, but be very careful if you take the most tourist tram 28, there’s a lot of pickpockets there.

Santa Luzia, Viana Do Castelo, Portugal –  A Getaway with Full-time Explorer: Ytzi Martínez (@flamingoaround)
Portugal, Lisbon – A Getaway with Full-time Explorer: Ytzi Martínez (@flamingoaround)

What’s your dream destination: French Polynesia

What’s next? Mexico

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