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Brazil Travel Guide: 20 Best Things to Do in Sao Paulo

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Samuel and Audrey listed out 20 best things to do in Sao Paulo. Traveling in Sao Paulo can be a little bit intimidating. However, they found that in the midst of the crowds and chaos, there were lots of cool things to do and food to eat in Sao Paulo. Now follow along to the Latin American culture hub and see what the best things to do in Sao Paulo they have!

20 Best Things to Do in Sao Paulo, Brazil

20 Best Things to Do in São Paulo, Brazil:

20. Ibirapuera Park, Afro-Brasil Museum, and Museum of Modern Art

This area is full of art galleries and museums and you can go skateboarding. You see tons of people exercising and the park is kind of divided up into different sections so you’ve got all kinds of museums and different activities. And it is massive! Super cool hangout spot and it’s really popular on weekends. This would be a great place to come and just enjoy being close to nature in the middle of São Paulo. Within the park grounds, you’ll find the Afro-Brasil Museum, which is a contemporary museum that looks at African culture and influence in Brazilian society. And not too far from there, you’ll come across the Museum of Modern Art.

19. Batman’s Alley

Batman Alley is located in Vila Madalena and it has become a popular tourist and Instagram spot. Apparently, the place gets its name because the first piece of graffiti to go up was one of Batman back in the 1980s.

18. Museum of Football

We’re loving all of the posters and artifacts on the wall. There is a very impressive display. If you’re a football lover, this is a place you won’t want to miss. We thought the coolest part was a section where you can see projections of crowds cheering at a game, and the powerful speakers make it feel like you’re in the middle of the action.

17. Municipal Market of São Paulo

Here you can find exotic fruits, fresh vegetables, meats, spices and even restaurants. We went there right around the lunch hour to try the famed mortadella sandwich.

16. Mortadella Sandwich

This one is a monster. I haven’t seen a sandwich that big since we’ve had it from Katz’s in New York City. And this place is called Hocca bar. The place is packed and we’ve ordered the sandwich that is called Bellissimo. If you have a look here there is a thick amount of Mortadella, some melted cheddar cheese and also sun-dried tomatoes in there. And like a fluffy white bun. Like French bread.

15. São Paulo See Metropolitan Cathedral

From there, we visited São Paulo Cathedral. And there’s a crypt you can visit underneath the church.

14. Liberdade Japanese Neighborhood

Next up we headed to the neighborhood of Liberdade, which has the largest Japanese community in the world outside of Japan. And because it was right around lunchtime we decided to hit up a sushi buffet for some food!

13. Sushi Buffet

I have to say for this sushi buffet place it was amazing. Normally when you go to a sushi buffet the quality tends to be low. But the quality was really high here and like we were leaving very satisfied. Yeah, so if you’re in Sao Paulo and you’re craving sushi come to Tanka. Tanka!

12. Izakaya Gastropub + Ramyeon Noodle Bowls

It is both Japanese and Brazilian food. This is coxinha probably the most famous Brazilian snack. This is eggplant with miso and mira with egg. Oh, and it is all delicious. And I think this is going to be some of the best eggplants we’ve ever had apparently. Over here it is like intestines from pork. Pork intestines. So chicken throat and pork intestines.

11. Karaoke and São Paulo Nightlife

We have somehow ended up at a Karaoke bar with our friend Andre and his wife Dani. This is the type of Karaoke bar where don’t get your own private room. You are performing in front of everyone in the bar. We’re singing in public. So you better be good and we suck.

10. Brazilian Breakfast

We’re starting off the morning with a traditional breakfast.

Pão na chapa is just breads cooked on a pan with butter. It is really simple but it is so nice. It’s buttery and flaky. It is like a French bread. They must put a lot of butter on there.

Pão de queijo is the cheese bread made with the manioc flour. It is really chewy because of all the cheese in there. Nice and starchy. It is good stuff. This is what I’m going to miss when we leave today.

Coffee is really sweet. Really really sweet.

9. Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo

That morning we visited Pinacoteca do Estado, which is a cool art museum that focuses on works by Brazilian artists or works with Brazilian subject matter.

8. Jardim da Luz

After that, we headed over to Parque da Luz. This park is right next to the museum and it has a lot of interesting sculptures scattered about.

7. São Paulo Municipal Theatre

Sao Paulo’s Teatro Municipal first opened in 1911. It’s a beautiful building that houses the symphonic orchestra, the lyrical choir, and the city ballet, and it also has a cafe on site where you can enjoy some tea and cake in a setting unlike any other.

6. Martinelli Building

The Martinelli building is 30 stories high and it was the first skyscraper in South America. At the time people were frightened of such heights, so in order to prove the building was safe, the architect built a 4-story mansion on top of the building and moved in with his family. Today you can visit the viewing deck where admission is free and you get some great views of Sao Paulo.

5. Edificio Italia

Not too far, you also have Edificio Italia, which is a 46-story high skyscraper. It too has a rooftop observation deck that is open to the public.

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