Flight Review

Review: Eva Air A321 Business Class, Taipei to Komatsu, Japan

  • Pro: Average food that has nothing to be addressed. 
  • Con: Merely A mediocre product in every aspect.

I took Eva Air to Japan at Terminal 2, where Eva uses A321 to fly this route. There are not too many different aircrafts in Eva Air’s fleet (only 4 or 5 different model if I remember correctly) and A321 is the smallest aircraft in the fleet. I also went to Eva Air The Infinity for business class passengers at Terminal 2.

Japan is the most popular country that Taiwanese love to visit. However, Komatsu is a small town in the north of Japan, and it is famous because of a tiny cultural village in Shirakawa-go. It is famous for its scene during winter time. Eva flies this route 5 times a week using a particular time arrangement to satisfy the travel demand during peak time.


The check-in clerk was not busy at all. Eva has exclusive check-in counter for Diamond members and premium classes passengers. No passengers were waiting for check-in when I arrived and not too many passengers for economy class either. It was a Monday afternoon, so the quietness is natural for a mostly leisure travel destination I suppose.

Eva Air Check-in Area

Eva Air A321 Business Class Cabin

I sat on A1, an aisle seat on the first row. The layout of the airplane: 2-2 for Eva Air business class, and 3-3 for economy class. To be fair, I didn’t take too many pictures mainly because there was nothing particular worth taking; Unable for lying down, and the space of the business class was more like a premium economy to me. Besides, the Eva Air business class on A321 contains something that the economy doesn’t, which is a controllable multimedia entertainment system. In other words, the economy class doesn’t have a screen on each seat, only one screen in total for all the travelers in economy class without personal choices. When most of Eva Air’s economy classes have screens on each seat, I can only put it this way, which the economy class on A321 is below average.

Eva Air A321 Business Class Seat

Amenities on Eva Air A321 Business Class

As this is a short-haul, less than three hours flight, there is no review for amenity kit. The flying crew only provided blanket and headphones. The active noise reduction headphone will be activated once the aux is plugged in; you can also cease the noise canceling function when pressing the only button on the headphone. Generally speaking, the noise canceling feature is quite effective for deducting the low-frequency noise from the plane. I was able to pick up the subtle sound effects when I was watching films during my flight.

Eva Air’s co-branded headphone with Thunder, Nice noise cancelation.

Food & Drinks on Eva Air A321 Business Class

That being said, the “soft” services for business class is still content; when we were boarding, a moist towel and Champagne for refreshment were provided; that allowed travelers to leisurely chill, which is a must experience for the business class. Perhaps for the carriers, showing how business class passengers luxuriously enjoy their boarding time to the economy class passengers while they are struggling to settle motivates them to book for premium classes one day.

Eva Air’s co-branded headphone with Thunder, Nice noise cancelation.

The squid is the only option that the business class provided this time, and the other three on the menu are not available. The short answer, the meal was delicious. But if you just finished a trip in Taiwan/ have a higher standard of food/or you are simply a Taiwanese, then this meal is only acceptable. The duck wrap is undoubtedly unique and delicious, the bread is fair, but the squid is not comparable to those above. Generally speaking, seafood is hard to preserve, especially when it’s cooked. Blanch is the best way of cooking for mollusks seafood like squid, to preserve the bounciness of the material. The seafood itself provides enough flavors to be tasteful, adding some mustard or spice based on personal preference at most. Roasting and sweet and sour are approaches to be used when one wants to cover the original taste with seasoning. As seafood is hard to preserve, these ways of cooking are used primarily to hide the fact that the material is not fresh anymore. And in the case of the meal in business class flight, it is sadly the latter one.

Eva Air business class menu
Eva Air A321 Business Class, – appetizer.
Eva Air A321 Business Class, – mediocre main course.
Eva Air A321 Business Class, – after meal coffee and fruit.

On the other hand, the drink on the plane has got a wider selection than its food counterpart, including spirits such as whiskey and vodka, as well as red and white, cocktails, beer and palm alcohol. What is worth to mention is that Eva Air’s Japanese line additionally include Sake. So I went for Eva’s special cocktail and Sake Dassai.

The cocktails use vodka as their base, blending in melon liqueur and soda or Sprite (if you want to add some sweetness). I asked the flight attendant to put soda in mine. This receipt is simple, and it does not require a shaker. Obviously, cocktails require complex procedures are beyond demand.

Eva Air A321 Business Class, – alcohol menu.
Eva Air A321 Business Class, – alcohol menu.

The reason why Eva makes this green-is liquor as their special is apparent: because the green is close to the brand color of Eva Air. The cocktail is light flavored and decorated with lemon and cheery. The cocktail did not successfully extract the fruity flavor from sweet melon, lemon and cheery. If I had my drink made with Sprite, the sweetness from Sprite would surely dominate the rest and turned this drink into a glass “flavored” Sprite. But at the end, it was just a green soda.

Eva Air A321 Business Class, – exclusive Japanese Sake.

I am not a Sake connoisseur, yet I like this Dassai Sake very much. It is iced, so smooth; there is no such spicy flavor that some Sake contains, and the rice smell is wholly kept. The Sake is 15 to 16% alcohol, which is not high so the drink won’t easily screw you up. I’ve heard that Sake is better served with boiled or roasted dish, which I did not have the luck to enjoy in the air. At last, It would be pleasing if someone has a helpful recommendation.

Bottom Line

The service and product on Eva Air Business Class from Taipei (TPE) to Komatsu (KMQ) to are not satisfying and enjoyable as the destination provides. You cannot lie flat on the business seat, and no amenity kid provided. But since the flight takes less than 3 hours, I guess adequate food and beverage are good enough, and on the bottom line, Eva did a fair job.

AwardTravel Protip 1

Many of us enjoy the alcohol provided in the air. Although Eva Air does not have a First Class cabin, their alcohol menu is extraordinary; For example, Eva’s Business Cabin supplies Delamotte Blanc de Blancs, which is worth 100 USD.

AwardTravel Protip 2

Two primary Taiwanese Airlines Eva Air and China Airlines do not provide First Class service.