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Parris Island

Where Paradise meets Vegas, Paradise Island, the Bahamas

It’s in the name…

Waiting to welcome you just a stone's throw from Nassau is the glamorous Paradise Island. Nassau and Paradise Island are connected by two bridges and Paradise Island is home to the luxury resort Atlantis. Within this resort you will find an unlimited amount of entertainment including a waterpark and a casino, which makes the entire resort feel like a theme park to me. If you are looking for a quiet getaway without being surrounded by tourists, Paradise Island might not be for you.

“Where Paradise meets Vegas”

To be honest, if it was not for my suitcase being lost and the need to buy a couple of dresses to get me through the week (I hate “mandatory” shopping, said no woman ever), I might have skipped Paradise Island. But it turned out to be a really fun afternoon and added some diversity to our stay in Nassau. We mainly enjoyed Marina Village and, after a drink or two, the casino.

Marina Village

Marina Village is home to a wide diversity of shops and marine-side food outlets. Perfect for some shopping and a stroll while enjoying some ice cream and falling in love with two men, Ben & Jerry.

Sometimes the only way out is to go all in

After some cocktails on the beach you might feel like you will get lucky, head to the casino and go all-in on red. At least that is what I did. Turned out that I felt a bit luckier than I actually was… But hey, ‘feeling lucky’ really felt like a million bucks, so I kind of won anyway!

How to get there

Paradise Island is connected by a bridge to Nassau. If you walk up the bridge you will be treated by quite a skyline over the ocean scape. It is a moderate but steep walk but the view is priceless! There also is a ferry service from paradise to downtown and this 10 minute boat trip is worth the ride! The guide on board will give you a fun tour while you get to enjoy the pristine waters of the Bahamas.

Planning a trip to the Bahamas?

Make sure you read 15 things to know before you go to the Bahamas! And find out what to do and eat in Nassau! Visit the Exumas and make sure you do not miss the swimming pigs. If you want to escape the tourism of New Providence and Exumas, then visit Eleuthera Island.

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