Barbados: A Small Guide to a Little Island

I am currently sat here tucked up in my bed in St. Lucia, 07.20 am, wondering how I’m going to start this post. Although it has been titled ‘A Small Guide’ I have a feeling it’s not going to be so small! I have called it ‘A Small Guide’ as my guide is for, in and around Bridgetown as that is where we stay, and unfortunately most of the time on trips, we don’t get enough time to venture further afield but with a short amount of time there is still plenty to do in Bridgetown, and Barbados is still by far my favourite Caribbean Island I have visited so far!

One of the best things about Barbados is that it is perfectly safe to wander around, if you’re staying in the south you can walk a lot of places or you can catch local busses all over the island which cost about $2-3 bds.

For food and drinks and nightlife, St. Lawrence Gap is brilliant. It is a strip of bars and restaurants that in the evening have live music and turn in to clubs. Its full of locals and tourists alike and gets livelier the closer it gets to the weekend. Also Friday nights is Fish Fry down at Oistins Bay Gardens, where you’ll find a range of different fish cooked fresh on a grill in front of you, or fried, depends what you ask for. The fish served at Oistins is mainly, Tuna, Mahi-Mahi, Flying Fish, and Marlin, You can also find Lobster and Chicken at Oistins. Seating is picnic benches and paper plates but its all part of the experience of Fry is Barbados. Food starts cooking around 7 and then live music and dancing starts, you can watch or join in! A meal at Oistins Fish Fry will cost you around $30-35 bds (around $15 US). If you want to experience Bajan culture, Oistins Fish Fry is perfect!

Carlise Bay

Carlisle Bay is a gorgeous stretch of sand in Bridgetown between the Hilton and the Radisson hotel. The Barbados horse racing course, Garrison Savannah, is less than a mile from here so at 6 am every morning the horses are lead down to Carlisle bay and bathed in the sea and it is just so beautiful to watch! The sky is just so dreamy in the mornings, you can get amazing photos of the horses in the water with the sun rising behind, on this gorgeous beach. It’s one of my favourite things to do in Barbados, even if it does mean getting up at 5.30.

The next best thing about Carlisle Bay is Cuzz’s Fish shack. OH MY GOD. Who knew a tiny little fish shack on the side of the road could be so good. They make the most amazing grilled marlin and serve it in a bun, its so simple but so amazing. They only cost $10 bds ($5 US). He constantly has a Que of people, from locals to tourists waiting for his delicious fish burgers. He is open every day of the week except Sunday, when unfortunately (much to my dismay) I have to settle for over priced, bland hotel food.

There is also plenty more to do on Carlisle Bay, like water sports and snorkelling. In the Hilton hotel car park there is a dive centre called Barbados Blue, where you can obviously scuba dive from or if you don’t want to spend too much money, you can rent a snorkel and swim along a pipe line that runs in to the sea. I have done this and I have to say it was one of the best snorkels I have done. The water is so clear and there is so much life swimming around this pipeline, you may also see a wild turtle! I did! With Barbados Blue you can also book a snorkel trip which takes you on a boat trip to a ship wreck and to a bale of turtles so you can actually swim close with them. It’s pretty cool and only costs about $80 bds ($40 US).


So I have never surfed before in my life but I wanted to try something new and I had seen a few of my colleagues learning to surf in Barbados with Ride The Tide Surf School so I decided to give it ago and dragged my friend Hannah, along with me and we had such an amazing day. We were taught to surf by Jay and Noah in a group of 5, which was perfect, they were so helpful and clearly well experienced in surfing so I felt I could trust them to guide me! A group surf lesson costs $140 bds ($70 US) but that includes free surf board rental for the day and a rash vest, if you’re staying in the south of the island Jay will collect you and drop you off (which is so handy!) your lesson and loads of GoPro videos of your day surfing! If you’re already an experienced surfer and just want to discover Barbados surfing on your own, you can also hire surf boards from Ride The Tide to use yourself!

So if you’ve considered Barbados or even just the Caribbean for your holiday, but you were worried about getting bored just sun bathing on the beach, I would highly recommend Barbados, not only is it absolutely stunning but, the things I have written about are only the half of what there really is to Barbados. Sun, sea, food, drinks and a whole lot of culture.

Also to follow on from the beginning of my post where I said I was sitting in my bed in St.Lucia at 7.20 am, its now 1.30 pm, 5 days later and I’m now in Kingston, Jamaica and I have only just finished. Mind block, jet lag and my social life but here it is, finally finished x

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